No sound on certain channels after system update today.

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Thanks, I've just updated and seems to be working correctly so far.
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I have exactly the same issues - diagnostic no. 7828255
You've been added to the beta for the issue too. Go ahead and check for updates now.
Thanks 🙂
Same issue here

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Go ahead and check for updates PatK, you should be all set.
Diagnostic 7828907
Same issue after upgrading to 7.4. Diagnostic number 7829028.
Ryan or whoever is responding. I got the patch a few days ago. Worked immediately. Now sound from playbar is cutting in and out. Diagnostic 7829176. Thanks.
I am also experiencing this issue. Diagnostic # 7829218

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Same issue, Playbar with an optical switch in front of it. Stereo out from the TV works fine 5.1 sources work after a delay then drop out.

Diag 7825883

Beta update in place and my Playbar seems to be working correctly again. Getting 5.1 immediately from various sources.
Same issue. Diagnostic 7824904
I have the 7.4 issue I'm a beta tester so am willing to try the 7.4.1 asap. Please
7829476 conf number
I have the same issue, no sound. I need the new update please.
Confirmation #7765554
Hi please help.... super frustrated!!!

Setup: 75" Samsung UN75MU800DFXZA
DitectTV: HR54/500
Sonos Playbar, Sub, 2 rear play1's.

DirectTV connected via HDMI. Sonos connected to TV via Optical.

Prior to this tv, I had a Samsung UN55D6000SF. (Never experienced an issue. When this TV was hooked up.). All else is the same. Swapped TV's 1 week ago.

Problem: Some shows and some commercials drop sound. From what I am reading I think it has something to do with Dolby Digital Sound. Programming that is output in DD5.1 has no issue, programming that is not outputting DD5.1 does not work. How do I fix this?

I am hoping that he solution is not switch to PCM or Stereo output.

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

You need to post a a system diagnostic so that you can get in on the super special beta release, which might help your issue.
Hello Sonos support,
Please add me to the beta. I've been spoiled for so long and not having my surround sound is driving my family crazy. Thank you!!!

Diagnostic number 7829727

You need to post a a system diagnostic so that you can get in on the super special beta release, which might help your issue.

Thank you Airgetlam. Do you know if someone from Sonos will contact me?

I submitted a diagnostic report: 7829762.

Thank you.
I am also having audio issues.

Whats the make/model of your TV?

Samsung UA55JS8000

Is your PLAYBAR wired or wirelessly connected to your network?


Is your PLAYBAR wired to your TV or cable box/SAT box?


Is the PLAYBAR experiencing issues when watching TV and(or) from a 3rd party app eg; Netflix?




Diagnostic number:

Same issue after upgrade to 7.4. Diagnostic number 7827940
Same issue here..
Can I get the beta with the fix?
My diagnostic nr is: 7829812
Same issue. Please push update.

Diagnostic number 7830516
Diagnostic 7830782. I am having the same problem. When using the soundbar to just watch TV, no problems. However, if I group any of the other speakers in the house with the TV, five minutes later the entire system goes silent. I have to unplug the soundbar from power to reset it.
Same issues as the others. Diagnostic number 7831107.
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Topwaterstevie, csfrancis, ADJ713, Jwill, salmor777, jessemlopez, amishpatel80, JohnnyT8121, obikikobi, Warrie, gazgriffiths, hookdriver13579, and dwhicker I've flagged all of your systems for the beta, please update when ready.

Kahorn - We'll want to dig a bit deeper. Can you let us know the home theater setup you're using at your location? We'll want to know the make and model of the TV as well as any other peripherals and how they are connected. As this thread is growing, it may be best to create a new thread to make troubleshooting a bit easier.

garydh - I don't see a PLAYBAR as part of your system, only a stereo pair of PLAY:1s. The right speaker of the pair has dropped from the household, which may explain the troubles. This may be due to the players not being able to maintain a steady connection with the router. Go ahead and give the right speaker of the stereo pair a reboot, and then when you can see both of them under "About my Sonos system," set the channel for your router statically to six. If you're still having troubles after this change, please start a new thread so we can keep additional troubleshooting in one place.
Hi, could you let me know how I get the 7.4.1 fix as well please? I have diagnostic number 7828515. Many thanks.