No sound on certain channels after system update today.

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Got an email this morning (29th Aug) for a new update. Ran the update from my android app and seems to be working again. Tested on Amazon FireTV box with HBO Go, Netflix and Amazon Prime video. Surround is working. Over the air TV channels are working as well.

My PC App still says Version 7.4, which is what it should be as stated in the email because the update is for the speakers only.

PlayBar Version: 7.4.1 (build 37244261)
Sub Version: 7.4 (build 37244160)
Play 1-RS Version: 7.4 (build 37244160)
Play 1-LS Version: 7.4 (build 37244160)

Yes it was an inconvenience, but thanks Sonos team for the prompt fix and support.
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TJHill, Ju1s, ozkie, cakefrenzy, and deluxe99, you should be all set now.
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Not a good week for sonos. Lots of people upset about the new privacy policy and now this. When is the last time we have had a status update? 4 days is a long time when this many people are effected. Do we know if the update is actively available and still being installed or has it been pulled?
Sonos, me again and even more angry than before.

Just seen the first report of this sound issue was 4 days ago. Why has this issue not been fixed, and why are you still allowing people to update their systems when you know it has serious issues? 4 days is one hell of a long time, and 7.4 should have been pulled a few days ago. This is serious and bordering on negligent!
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Same issue here although a hard power reset on the Playbar has restored audio thus far....also, it seems to be Dolby Digital related. When I change my TiVo Roamio to output PCM I don't have an issue....except that the surround is simulated, but that's by design. TV is LG OLED65C7P, surrounds are Play 1s, TiVo is HDMI to TV which is optical to Playbar. Diagnostic #7861924. It was uploaded/shared after the Playbar power was reset which has seemingly corrected the audio problems. The issues were 1. Audio volume levels across channels was significantly different, and 2. Center channel audio seemed significantly lower and jumbled if it was present at all, and 3. It took 15+ seconds to hear any audio at all after a channel change.

Can I make a suggestion? I know your engineers won't want to do it....I am one too... please take your 7.3 bits, update the version to 7.41, and release it until you have this fixed. That is the layman way of getting around the "not being able to downgrade" issue within the system. Your QA department can even do a binary check against 7.3 and ensure that only the version number changed. From the comments above it's been a few weeks and I know you believe customer service is a priority. Anyone else agree?
When i tried to group rooms Yesterday in Sonos app it forced me to update to 7.4 to get it going, couldn't find any way around the update. I updated and now my digital sound from Netflix is gone. Great work Sonos. Forcing out updates so crappy, and worst of all, after reading this thread and find that Sonos rep. found out about this bug 4 days ago and still pushing out updates!! It makes me really upset.
Diagnostic send 7767935
buflo_fan, billythepuppet, and phil1812, you should be all set now. I just added you to the beta for this. -

Ryan - thank you and Sonos for being so responsive to this issue. The patch fixed it. Problems inevitably happen, what is important is how people and companies deal with / fix them.

Sonos is dealing with it heads-on and promptly. I really appreciate this level of customer service, I am back to being a happy Sonos customer.
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OK, joker71808 and Playbar sucks fix it, you're both ready to go. Also Playbar sucks fix it, if you decide you want to change your username let me know, I can help with that if you're interested.
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Could I get that update too? Thanks.

Diagnostic# 7891661

Hi GCIslander,

Please check for updates on your system. There will be one available which should help.
7811307 full 5.1 home theater setup playbar via optical to Sony x900e. If warranted, i am requesting update patch to fix. Just bought tv need to figure out asap for return period.
Do Ryan a solid and change your username . . . just a suggestion
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I reported this issue last month in this incident (170728-000818). No resolution was found since I received an RMA. I sincerely hope this is fixed soon.
It's been almost a month since I'm waiting for a company like sonos an official software relase. the latest version has created big problems for everyone. Then not everyone has the chance to chat over the Internet to solve a problem. I spent over 5000 euros for sonos products, just to have almost direct assistance, for issues like this. When will this new relase come out to solve this problem? thank you so much.
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hclax24, Bren, cendme1, Si Reading, Neil_10, and Drboom11 (sorry I missed your initial post), you've all been flagged for the beta, please update your system when you have a moment.
Got it now Ryan thanks. That fixed it!
hclax24, Bren, cendme1, Si Reading, Neil_10, and Drboom11 (sorry I missed your initial post), you've all been flagged for the beta, please update your system when you have a moment. Thanks Andy B, updated and all fixed! 🆒
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Add me to this one please
Diag: 7796767
Thank you

Hi JDS and jdstephe, welcome to the community. You both have been added to the beta. Update when ready.
Thanks Andy B - fixed!!! Awesome speed of response.
Up to this point everyone in the thread should now be flagged for the beta. Go ahead and check for updates, you should be all set.

Thanks Ryan! The beta resolved the issue.
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Please add me to beta

Diagnostic 7833767
No sound or clicking on certain cable channels & Netflix channels.
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I think your right the best idea is to raise the profile with AV journalists and media and post on Twitter/ Facebook and on Av community forums
The response to date from Sonos has been terrible not even an apology.

Oh, Lord... these things may happen. People making mistakes... Gasp! Quite a novelty.
mistakes happen its how you handle them that matters.....5+days and no formal communication or fix =bad
I have lost my Netflix voice in the middle of a show. This is 2017 LG C7 tv builtin app. I can hear surround music and effects but no voice. Xbox Netflix is the same. I believe it is playbar behaving.

I am really upset guys. This is my diagnostic #7833836

Hope you fix this very soon. I already registered for your beta program but there was no update.
Thank's Andy B, that fixed the issue 😃
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fredericks and michaelh555 are both flagged for the update now. Go ahead and check in the app.

paul_263, I flagged you for the update too, but you might be experiencing trouble with something else. So if anything comes up after you update, I'd suggest you give us a call on our support line.
Fixed! Thank you very much for the speedy resolution.