No sound fron TV

  • 9 December 2019
  • 1 reply

My sonos app tells me that my play bar is in silence. I have no sound coming from my tv but if I switch to music, it works. 

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1 reply

Well, at least it works in some fashion. So, I think that means we’re looking at the stream that is coming in from the TV set via the optical connection. It’s worth checking both the audio settings on the TV, as well as any device you have feeding the TV (cable, satellite, game console, DVD/Bluray, etc) to make sure that they’re locked down to Dolby Digital. If they’re sending anything other than stereo or Dolby Digital, the Sonos won’t be able to interpret it. 

You can see if the PLAYBAR is receiving data that it can interpret by opening up the controller, clicking on Settings, then select System, and scroll down to “About My System”. That runs a report of what’s happening on all speakers at that moment. You can look at the area underneath the PLAYBAR, and see the line that says “Audio In: “ and it will tell you if it is seeing a codec that it can interpret. Basically, it’s blank, Stereo, or Dolby Digital 5.1.

You may also want to be sure that your TV is actually sending a signal out of the optical cable, if the above isn’t working. Remove the end that’s plugged in to the PLAYBAR, and see if while the TV is on, there’s a red light coming out of it. I suspect that isn’t your problem, but thought it might be worth mentioning.