No sound from playbar with Spotify

  • 9 January 2017
  • 6 replies

I am looking for an answer to a problem that has just started occuring. For the last couple of days there is no sound playing from my soundbar while playing from spotify. The sound is fine from the TV and even from the music on the mobile device but when we use spotify i can see the music is playing but there is no audio from the player. I have tried a number of suggestions from the forums including reset the whole system. Any ideas welcome?

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6 replies

I'd recommend posting the number here, achester, so that if a moderator has an opportunity to look at it, they can. I suspect they get hundreds or perhaps thousands submitted in a day, and aren't sure which ones are pertinent unless they are provided the number. Unless you've called in with it, in which case, my post is moot. 🙂
Thank you for your prompt response I have sent a diagnostic to sonos
My problem was solved by contacting Sonos support & sending them Sonos system diagnostic (from sonos controller (pc)) to them. Attach diagnostic ID into the email.

They configured the app (speaker) so that it uses an other port with Spotify. Dunno why the other speaker (play:3) worked ok before the update. You can see what ports are usually in use from here: (unfortunately ports may differ).

You better contact Sonos support - it helped me within 24hrs.
I am experiencing the exact same issue as described above by klester and jannex. Please help!!!
Same here, started some time ago. I have two speakers, play:1 and soundbar. Playing radio on soundbar works, playing spotify on soundbar does not. Playing to play:1 works ok. If I start playing spotify on play:1 speaker and group it on soundbar then it plays, I even can ungroup play:1. Tv sound works ok.
There is definitely something wrong with current newest version 😞
I have the same problem with the soundbar when playing through spotify. It plays fine when using the sonos app to play spotify or when using spotify to play on my my other sonos speaker. using iPad and macbook air.