No Sound from Play 5

  • 5 November 2016
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I have multiple Sonos speakers. All have been working. Play 5 stopped getting sound. It has been working and still has solid white light but no sound...all other speakers are working. Tried rebooting but no change. I did update Sonos Software on computer earlier same day stopped working.

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40 replies

Same issue with my Play5 Gen 1.
Not IP.
Headphone jack works, not speakers. Sent diagnostic to support, response was speaker is defective. Out of warranty, send it to them, they'll replace with Gen2 for almost price of new.

Not impressed: wont recommend Sonos to any friends who see my system. Company abandoned customers not offering any repair, possibly a simple fuse according to post in this thread.

I suspect Sonos update bricked certain versions of the Gen1 and company won't admit it.

I'll ride out life of what I have ($3000 invested), but Sonos will never get another dollar from me, and I'll tell anyone I see to avoid this proprietary walled garden. Horrible customer care! Too much money for a few good years. There's better options on the market now.
I’ve got a pair of play 5 gen 1 and use in stereo pair for years. Really pleased with them and definitely worth using in stereo as sounds so much better then just 1 speaker. One of them stopped working - no sound at all. Not even the chime when factory resetting. Works ok through headphones. Sonos Support have offered no repair but I can buy a new Sonos 5 gen 2 for £350. Big wow. Such a miserly offer. £100 off basically. So unhappy with this. I want a stereo pair back so one gen 2 and one gen 1 is no good to me. This is pathetic - the device has obviously had a significant hardware failure and for a premium brand I would have expected it to basically work for 10 years. I don’t expect new feaures on an old speaker but it should basically work. It has no physical damage at all.
Anyone tried consumer law angle or even a diy repair.
If my only option is to spend £450 on a new gen 2 and their rubbish offer of £350 for another then I am NOT spending the £800 with Sonos to get a working stereo pair. I’ll go with another brand as I expect expensive stuff to last and I expect premium brands to look after their customers with better service.
Had exactly same problem. I was told to make sure there were no third party wireless devices near my Play 5. In my case I had my Echo Dot very close by. I moved the Echo Dot away and the Play 5 started working properly in less than a minute. Obviously one wireless device was interfering with the other. Hope this helps.
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You can get an extended warranty on Sonos devices from a place like Square Trade that will give you multiple extra years of coverage. The Sonos warranty is a bit short for my comfort so I do that on more expensive items. The Sonos discounts if you want to replace a failed unit aren't as much as folks would wish but better than a lot of other places.

Possibly take a chance on a used unit for less money from ebay or the like> There are too many posts here with problems with used units and zero warranty coverage for that to work for me.
The same thing has happened to my play 5 today, had it for around 4 years.
Waiting on an email but don’t think I like the sound of what’s to come.
I must admit I’m disappointed it’s only lasted that long, I have to agree when you’re paying for a premium product you expect some longevity.
We’ll see what they say!!!
I lost already two Play5 gen1 with the same problem, with headphone everything works well but no sounds from the speakers. I have still 3 Play1's and 1 Playbar, who are still working. In my opinion this has nothing to do with IP, but it is a hardware problem. Any suggestions for repair (I just left the guarantee period)? Sonos Netherlands offers my an exchange for Play5 Gen2, for almost the new price. I'm very disappointed and frustrated about the repair service from Sonos. For me it's fair to pay repair costs, wich should be much cheaper then a new one (with different dimensions).
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No that definitely sounds like some kind of hardware issue. I would call Sonos.
I have a Play:5 with the same issue. No sound coming from the speakers. When I plug in headphones, I can hear audio and the icon in the app changes. When I unplug, no sound.

So it can not be an IP conflict if it plays audio through heads phones.

What could it be?
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But looks like HomeHub 6 has issues of its own yea
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I know the homehub 3 had problems
Just looked at a thread about the router I’m
using, a BT HH6 perhaps that is the issue. I’ll try another router.
All tuned off and back on again, no sound from Sonos. I have the manual that came with the router, it’s very basic and just tells you how to set it up initially.
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yes Sonos included.
Thanks again, router is fairly new so should be able to lay my hands on the manual. I’ll try the other suggestion first. When you say turn everything off, Sonos included?
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If you don't know how to assign IP Address (its pretty easy if you get your manual out for router) ... the next best thing to do is turn off EVERY...I mean EVERY network device you can think of in the house. Including phones etc. Then reboot your router. Then turn everything back on. That's about the only other way to clear bad IP addresses on your router.
Thanks Chris, no it not playing at all and no I’m afraid I don’t know how to assign an IP address
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If its hardware related your not going to be able to fix with a fuse.

Is the Play:5 playing music at all or are you saying just headphones that don't work?

If it isn't playing music at all I would first look at it being an IP address conflict. Do you know how to go into your router and assign a new static IP address to it?

Did Sonos go through any other troubleshooting before having you hard reset (that is usually a last resort).
I should add..... no speaker beeb when I cycle the volume control though the action can be seen on the controller
I have the white light. Controller can see Play 5. Volume can be seen changing on controller when changed on the play 5. Headphones don’t work when plugged in to play 5. Sonos help had me perform a reset. All this has done is loose all my favourites. From what I’ve read here it’s a hardware problem and that I should change the fuse? Can anybody tell me how and where I find it?
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Power cycled it again and readded it and it works. 😃
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I have the same issue... Play 5...White light, no sound. Play/pause button works. Speaker beeps when volume buttons are pressed. Controller app shows volume increasing /decreasing. No music. Advice?
My Play 5 only plays for 30 minute then stops. This has been occuring the last two days. Any suggestions?
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I have the same issue... Play 5...White light, no sound. Play/pause button works. Speaker beeps when volume buttons are pressed. Controller app shows volume increasing /decreasing. No music. Advice?
Light! NO Sound! hardware failure.
Fix defect Play 5 Solution. I had the same issue. on my unit the fuse on location L27727 was broken. When connect it the play5 works again.
Can anyone tell me if it is a fuse? (location L27727)

I hope i help a lot of people (because replacement unit Sonos will cost about 150 euro)
Please let me know.
Sonos replaced the speaker. They agreed it was not an ip conflict.