No Sound From Connected Sub - Please help

  • 31 December 2016
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I have a soundbar and player 1 and have just connected my new shiny sub but there is no sound coming from it even though it tested ok when connected. I also now seem to have Living Room and Living Room1 - is this normal or is this a problem? I am confused and disappointed to not have the sound coming from my sub in time for my new years eve gathering

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7 replies

I'm having a similar issue! Have tried troubleshooting--tried just about every solution within the support threads. I submitted diagnostics and the confirmation is 7614958.Can anyone from Sonos help with this?
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I'm having a similar issue! Have tried troubleshooting--tried just about every solution within the support threads. I submitted diagnostics and the confirmation is 7614958.Can anyone from Sonos help with this?
Hi, I've reviewed your diagnostic and don't see any reason why the Sonos SUB wouldn't play. I'd like a little more information.
Is the system experiencing this issue when playing music or movies? Also, what is the source of the music? (local music library or music service)
The entire Sonos is set up as surround in our basement and the sub will not play for both music or tv/movies. The source is Google Play Music through the Sonos app. The sub seems to connect just fine but doesn't appear to be playing whatsoever. What would my best next steps be for troubleshooting the issue?
Let's clarify what we're talking about. What I'm understanding from what you've said is that you have a Playbar/Playbase, a pair of Play:x as surrounds, and a SUB. The issue is when playing music form Google Play Music through the TV room on the Sonos app, you're not hearing any base.

Just needed to be sure that you're not trying to get sound out of the SUB while playing on speakers that are not connected to the Playbar/Playbase, since the bonding of the SUB means that it will only play when something is playing on the Playbar/Plahybase.

Have you gone in to Settings>Room Settings>(Name of room that the Playbar/Playbase is in)>Advanced Audio>SUB settings and adjusted the level? I'd also recommend backing up one level, and going in to the Surrounds, and then seetting the Music Playback from Ambient to Full, but that's something you should listen to and figure out if you want it.

I'd also recommend running TruePlay on that setup. If you don't have an iOS device, find a friend, and invite them over for a beer (or crudites, if that's their thing) and use their device for the roughly 5 minutes it takes to run the process.

If I've misunderstood your setup, please let us know more information, so we can help you as much as possible.
There is a Playbar, two Play3s, and the sub of course. The sub was connected to the playbar and putting out no sound--that's using Google Play Music within the Sonos and also from the tv which is connected to the Playbar using a digital optical audio cable.

I consider myself pretty advance on troubleshooting most problems of this nature and have tried every solution found in the Sonos troubleshooting threads to no avail. I have tried going in the settings as you reference above and changing all the levels--still no sound. Not even a peep. The most sound I have gotten out of the sub is the chime when it connects to the system for the first time. That's it.

I also am pretty sure I tried TruePlay. We have both Androids and iOS devices within this household to test with.

I'm not sure if this helps clarify much, but it is as much as I can think to give you right now. For some reason the damn bass will connect, it just won't put out any sound.

Thanks for all your help. Hopefully we can get this figured out.
Hmmm. Thanks for the explanation. I suppose that it's possible that there's a duplicate IP address, but then it would probably be working sometimes, and not others, and that's not what you're saying. And if there was wifi interference, it would have shown up in the diagnostic that Max P looked at.

Further troubleshooting steps....try connecting the Playbar to the SUB with an ethernet cable and see what happens. That might identify if there's a potential issue with the wifi card.

Have you tried playing any "local" music, or just Google Play? Like something stored on your phone, for instance. While I can't imagine why one would be different than the other, it's worth a shot to see, and potentially get closer to a solution.

To be honest, I think you'd be best served by talking directly to the folks at Sonos, who may have some abilities to remote in to your system and do some additional troubleshooting, rather than me sitting on my couch and guessing 🙂 You can find their contact info at There's something much more immediate about chatting with someone, rather than the extremely asynchronous forum posting.

Best of luck!
All right, I'll try that out. Thanks for your help, Bruce!!