"No selections are available" message when trying to access Pandora

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Yes, that’s not resolved at all. I have the same problem in that a paid account doesn’t work but a free one does.


They fixed it!!!!

Yes it looks like the issue has been resolved, thanks!

This problem seems to have spontaneously resolved, at least for me.

I’m not sure what went on in the background to effect this resolution.  If it was a software handshake or coding/authntication issue, I will thank the programmers at Sonos and Pandor for sorting this out.  If it was a business issue, I’ll thank the folks who make and execute these decisions at both companies.


Now back to listening to my favorite music on Pandora, played through my Sonos-based music system!  Hooray ;-) 

I did what xsrdx recommended and it seem to resolve the problem.  I found the solution on a Sonos page.  Opened Pandora and went to a particular song page.  When I clicked on the WiFi icon at the bottom, my sonos speakers were there.  Once I Selected one of them, they all seem to work within Sonos from that point on.