"No selections are available" message when trying to access Pandora

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I’m getting the same starting last night.  My girlfriend’s (free) account works fine But my paid one shows no selections. Tried to remove and Re-add but same result.

I am getting the same message. I can access my stations through the My Sonos tab, but can’t access anything from Pandora if I go through the browse tab.


same problem.  Since last night..  reauthorization of account, flushed wifi system. Restart phone Uninstaller app and reinstalled Nothing Helps.


All since sonos app update 

any answers yet, Pandora selections are gone, the message says "no Selections are available" ?


Same problem here.  All Pandora selections disappeared as of this morning. Nothing has changed, except maybe a Sonos update?

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Same issue. Started today. Help!

Same issue - started last night (June 19, 2020). I’ve tried restarting, reloading, updating both Pandora and Sonos apps, and I still get “No selections are available” every time I try using Pandora from the Sonos app on my Windows based laptop and iPhone 11.

I guess Sonos update is taking us backwards.

Having the same issue. I reauthorized Pandora and still no luck. 

There’s a work around for now (at least I hope it’s temporary). You can open the Pandora app on your phone and “cast it” to Sonos. That’s working for me.

How can you cast Pandora to Sonos?

Same problem noted this morning.  Pandora was available yesterday, but just see “No selections are available” all day today.  I deleted and re-added my Pnadora account to Sonos, same error.  Not sure if this is related to Sonos S2 upgrade as I chose NOT to upgrade today.


I have multiple Zone Amps and Zone Players at home and office that can’t be upgraded to S2 so that is additionally frustrating.  I’ve been a Sonos client and supporter for >14 years.  Rethinking the entire relationship as of today.  Vey annoyed!

Same error after upgrade to S2, no access to Pandora Premium through the Browse utility even after deleting and reauthorizing.

The stations I have in My Sonos show up and function correctly.

To cast - in the Pandora app, from the song page click the WiFi box icon at lower right and you should see your Sonos speakers. Select as desired and hit play.

June 21, 2020 Sonos S1

Pandora "no services available” thru the Sonos app on my iPhone. Exited apps and rebooted phone. Removed Pandora from Sonos and re-added and authorized. No change.

However, if I say "Alexa play Pandora on Sonos", it plays Pandora.

Not amused. 

Windows S2 app shows the same error, also like the phone apps the previous version will not update to S2, you have to download and run the S2 install. Other than the Pandora Premium Browse fail, the Windows S2 app seems to work fine.

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Same issue here error here when trying to browse my Pandora plus on Sonos. Tried re-authorization and deleting and re-adding Pandora. My favorite under my Pandora still work and if I ask Alexa to play one of my play lists it works, I just can’t browse pandora through the sonos app as I get the same error posted in the title of this thread.


I wonder if this is a pandora issue or Sonos issue?


Spotify and Amazon music seem to work just fine. 

PANDORA :  NO SELECTIONS ARE AVAILABLE NOW.  I’ve had this message since yesterday; have tried all the troubleshooting steps, to no avail.   No help seems to be available on Sonos or Pandora sites at this time...very aggravating, especially after just updating to S2.

Same issue here.  I appreciate you all sharing your troubleshooting keeping me from going on a wild goose chase today.

Same here. My paid account is not working but my wife’s free account is working correctly. Before I found everyone was having issues I uninstalled Sonos and Pandora and reinstalled then with no change. Very frustrating!! Hope a fix happens soon. 

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Same issue with my Sonos speakers since the S1 update. Has there been any acknowledgement from Sonos yet that this is a known issue and that they are working on a fix?

Very annoying. I don’t want to cast from the Pandora app, I want my Sonos app to work properly. 

Moderators this issue has not been resolved, I posted a temporary workaround but it’s not an “answer” to the OP or an acceptable solution. Sonos and Pandora still need to fix the integration.


We don't need a work around fix the %@&#&(# Thing 

Moderators this issue has not been resolved, I posted a temporary workaround but it’s not an “answer” to the OP or an acceptable solution. Sonos and Pandora still need to fix the integration.

Agreed. A workaround is not an acceptable solution. The issue has not been resolved or “answered.”