"No selections are available" from SiriusXM

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Up until yesterday I’ve been able to play SiriusXM on my SYMFONISK IKEA lamp through the Sonos app on my iPhone. The app still plays Amazon music just fine but SiriusXM returns “No selections are available”. I have tried

  • Restarting the Sonos app
  • Restarting the iPhone
  • Power cycling the lamp
  • Removing and adding SiriusXM back within the Sonos app
  • Removing the Sonos App and reinstalling
  • Restarting cable modem/router

This started yesterday and still continues today. The “No selections are available” message shows up throughout all of the options within SiriusXM, Live Channels, On Demand, Recent and Favorites all display the same error almost immediately. I’ve checked and all of the services seem to be operational.

The SiriusXM app on my phone continues to play music (not through the lamp), the Sonos app is unable to play anything though. Hopefully I’m missing something obvious.

Sonos App Info

Version 11.1

Build 56076060

Associated Product

Sonos System Info

SYMFONISK Table lamp

Version 11.1 (build 56076060)

Hardware Version

Series ID A100





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Xm channels not available in app (“no selections are available”).  Will stream previously played or already saved to favorite channels however.  Tried iPhones, iPod, iPads.  All running latest  IOS and app version.  Tried deleting and re-adding xm music service, but no change. 

I have the exact same problem. It's been like this for a few days now. In addition to iOS the same problem exists on the Android app.

I’m having the EXACT same problem.  Anyone find a solution?

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Yes same here.  After being forced by Sonos to buy new equipment it doesn't even work!

Yep also having the same problem. status page is showing all is well but it has not worked for 2 days now.

Same problem.  

Same problem here.  A couple of days ago the Sirius XM channels started showing “no selections are available”.  Can play previously saved xm channels from favorites.  Tried deleting and re-adding but no success.

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I too am having same issue.  I have done the above steps as well.  In addition, I validated my SiriusXM account, etc.  This was working on 5.14.  The only visible change in state between the 14th & 15th is that SXM received my annual auto payment via ACH…  Help please!

Same issue, in the middle of listening to it yesterday the 15th all good then - No Selections Found.

I would recommend that you submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of trying to play a station and failing, and contact Sonos Support to discuss it.

I usually suggest the phone folks, they have more tools available, and are available Monday through Friday during business hours. Twitter support folks are available 24/7.

There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.  

I should probably add that asking Alexa to play a particular SiriusXM station on a Sonos device does work.

Not sure if anyone has posted this yet but my Sirius doesn’t work on my Sonos but before this all started happening I save A few satations as favorites. They play!?!  Weird

Same issue, tried deleting and setting up SiriusXM again, no luck….must be a system wide issue.


Add me to the list!


The native SiriusXM app works on my iPhone, but Sonos throws the “No selections are available” message while trying to view all channels.  I can reproduce this on multiple devices.  Other music services (Amazon Music, Sonos Radio) work fine, only SirusXM is failing.  Up to date on all apps and Sonos updates.  Removed and re-added SiriusXM as a service provider in the Sonos app - no love.


SiriusXM said if their app is working then this is a Sonos issue.  Went to open a ticket with Sonos and saw no phone hours on the weekend and a week backlog on email support!!  Not acceptable.

Same here, tried all above fixes, will not work, worked fine until yesterday.

We have the same problem… no channels showing.  Called Sonos, apparently they don’t work the weekend lol.. , sent email with issue .

Same problem here. has been working fine for a long time, just noticed it this morning

I’m having the same issue.

Same issue here: > Sonos> XM Sirius> Live Channels>  All Channels> “No Selections Available”  on every speaker and in two different address locations home and my business- this is an XM or Sonos Compatibility Issue (Likely XM streaming as all other Sonos Amazon iTunes functions work flawlessly )


Cannot browse Sirius XM stations unless they are programmed in my favorites

Having the same issue. Thanks, Airgetlam,


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Mine stopped playing SiriusXM this morning, and hasn't played all day. All other streaming services still work. Any thoughts on this? Sonos?

If you are lucky enough to have had SiriusXM tuned on one of your speakers before the outage, you can still play that channel - just select that room and hit play (and then you can group other speakers to it).  Can’t browse to anything different at the moment, though.

Not sure why this question is showing as answered when …. it’s not.