No room settings in app

  • 3 February 2017
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I have the Sonos app at 7.1, and all my Sonos equipment is at 7.2. I cannot get the Room Settings on the app so I cannot put my 2 Play 1's as a stereo pair. The app won't update saying my system is up to date. Any ideas anyone? Sonos?

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6 replies

The reason you don't have the Room Settings is because you have mismatched versions. Clearly you are in the beta program. Is this an iOS controller? IOS controllers have limited functionality in beta
Thanks for the reply John. I've been onto the Sonos site and it tells me I am NOT in the Beta program.
You are running the 7.2 beta and I assume you are using an iOS device, because as clearly explained in the beta announcement, iOS devices are not eligible for beta and will be missing most of the Settings menu if you choose to participate. See the beta announcement for details here:

and here:

To remove yourself from the beta, see here:
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7.2 is the beta software. If you check in your Sonos App under About my Sonos, check the Sonos User ID there, and see if it matches the one you're logged into the Sonos website with. Most likely, you're logged into the wrong account.
7.2 is a beta release so you are in the beta. Is it possible that you are rrgistered under a different email from the one you are checking? Was your system set up by someone else?
Thanks for the reply John. I've been onto the Sonos site and it tells me I am NOT in the Beta program.

The only way to be running 7.2 is if you are enrolled in the beta. Perhaps your system is registered to a different e-mail address than the one you signed up with here. Go to Settings->My Sonos Account in the app or Help > My Sonos Account on the Mac and PC Sonos apps. If it is different from your e-mail here (typically it can be the one your installer used), you can contact Sonos here or by phone to get it changed.

You can also do the following:

Using the Sonos app for iOS or Android: Settings > Advanced Settings > System Registration > Change Sonos Account.
Using the Sonos app on Mac or PC: Select Help > Sonos System Registration > Change Sonos Account