No option to add music services

  • 5 February 2017
  • 4 replies

Need Help. I have updated everything but I still have no access to add music service and therefore can't add my apple music account. Help???

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4 replies

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Not sure I know why you'd have this specific problem, but can you provide the operating system of the controller device you are using? Mac Windows? iOS, Android? Is this a new installation? You've used it for years?

IOS....used for long time....
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Sooo... When you go to "Settings"... "My Services"... "Add Another Account"... what happens?

Is it possible you need to update the controller in the iOS device (e.g. you have a Sonos System that isn't on the same version as the controller)?
There are two reasons why adding music services may be greyed out on a controller - Versions out of sync due to not completing an upgrade or running the beta with an iOS controller (iOS can't run public betas), or limited compatibility due to older OS versions.

For the first, go to Settings->About My Sonos System. Check out the software versions on the Controller and Sonos units. They all should be the same X.Y version (i.e. 7.1 for the latest, 7.2 for the beta). If they aren't then you must get them to the same version by either fully updating or (if 7.2) unenrolling from the beta.

For the second, your iOS device must be running iOS 8 and higher (certain features need higher versions of iOS).