No audio with Netflix or DVD player (both HDMI)

  • 2 October 2018
  • 4 replies

I set up the Sonos playbar with two Play 1 speakers on my Sharp Aquos TV (LC-60LE600u). The system works well with music and regular tv (local channels) but there is no audio with my Netflix streaming stick or DVD player connect via HDMI. I did run the only available update on the TV that is supposed to, in part, address soundbar connect issues. Any help/suggestions are welcome.

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4 replies

I think there's 2 things (both similar) that I'd be checking. First, check the audio settings on the TV, and make sure it's locked down to Dolby Digital pass through on the optical connection. Then, on both the streaming stick (undefined) and the DVD player, do the same thing. Each one should have some sort of audio settings that you can look at, make sure that they're both set to Dolby Digital, and not anything else (Dolby Digital Plus, DTS, etc).
Thanks! I went back and made sure the tv, streaming stick and dvd player were all on digital dolby but no change. The local channel tv and music still work.
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Your tv might not pass DD5.1 from hdmi to optical, not all do.
Delve into your tv manual, or contact support for your tv.
If it does not you could look into a hdmi to optical or optical switch box, and take sound from each device to sonos and not through the tv.
Thanks! I will give it a try. I appreciate the help!