Newest update prevents my older iPad mini from running the Sonos App

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The latest update prevents my older iPad mini, which is running the latest iOS available for it (9.3.5), from working. The Sonos App now says I have to update my system software to work. This really angers me as that old iPad mini was our living room Sonos controller, which the kids used everyday, and now I need to either find a hack or buy a new device.

Is there hack for either rolling back to the prior version of the Sonos software or making this work, as it did before the latest update?


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You can't go back, no. Try SonoPad from the App Store, it works on old iOS devices.
Does SonoPad work with the latest Sonos upgrade?
My iPad 4 updated the whole sonos system today and my wife's iPad 1 mini stopped working. same as jeffnebraska above
What is snooped?
Thought I'd try loading SonoPad on my wife's iPad mini 1 - Luckily it works well (for now)
Small price to pay for continued enjoyment
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Does SonoPad work with the latest Sonos upgrade?

Ironically not just yet: it suffered from a similar bug as python-soco covered elsewhere, but a fix is on the way through the App Store process. (I had an email thread with the author yesterday). So in a few days it should work on all Sonos versions, again.
This is OUTRAGOUS! SONOS needs to fix this backward compatibility issue. We pay too much for their products to be jerked around like this. SONOS are you listening??
This update makes 3 of my iPads obsolete. Not right!
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Very unhappy that my iPad has been made obsolete by the latest Sonos update. Everything was working fine until this update was installed. Sonos should inform users of what is likely to happen instead of forciing customers to spend hundreds of dollar buying another device to run their software. Never had this happen before. I will be badmouthing Sonos if there is no fix for this.
Much agreed with other posts. Like most other app providers, Sonos should have kept existing system intact and simply deprived us of new features with future releases. Let us opt into upgrading vs. forcing it! Pisses me off..
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I have had a Sonos system from the very start and as good as it is have been so frustrated over the years that I wish there was an alternative I could afford - unfortunately I have a lot of rooms and a lot of kit! A massive problem for many years now have been the limitations in size of the Music Library but now make two of my controllers obsolete because the latest Sonos App won't work with IOS 9 is absolutely ridiculous! The old iPads were only used as sonos controllers and were working fine until I rather naively upgraded the App. Had I not upgraded it then I assume I could have continued using the iPad. It's disgusting the Sonos didn't warn us of the problems and I would not have upgraded it. As it is they have made two of my controllers obsolete! Come on Sonos .... look after your customers. At the very least make an old copy of the App that works with old IOS versions available. Please!
As indicated earlier in the thread, there is at least one third party solution that would help you. Perhaps more than one.

But you should be aware that if you're going to be using a system that's software controlled, there will always be the possibility that older devices such as you have will drop off the "supported" list, because the manufacturers of those devices no longer support them with OS updates.
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Having the same on my Ipad mini running the latest Ios 9.3.5. The SONOS version 9.3.2 is not working, requesting an update for the device operating system! I used to own SONOS controller CR100 and never had problems. Since SONOS made their controller obsolete, we have to keep up with apple or Android updates PLUS SONOS matching updates. It's impractical costly for the consumer. SONOS need to fix this problem else it's a catch up game between mouse and cat and us the customers in between.
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Normally I do not make posts expressing my dissatisfaction with products because it does not do any good or change the end result. This is one of those times when it will not change anything, but I am irritated, and I want to express it. I own 6 ipads, three of them are Ipad 2’s that will no longer work with Sonos. I try to never use the word hate, but I reserve that word for Apple because they are the most arrogant company I have every dealt with in my 58 years of being alive. The only reason I own the Apple ipads is because I love the LaunchPort charges and sleeves I have scattered throughout my house, and the fact that I basically I only use them to control Sonos, Thermostats and RadioRA2. I have a $ 30K distributed audio system comprising of over $ 6K in Sonos connect, connectamps and subwoofers in 10 zones. The fact that I cannot use my original Ipad2’s and I have to buy new units to control my Sonos system is ridicules and unfair to Sonos customers. I am not technologically or financially challenged but I should not have to spend $ 1,800 (3 iPads x $ 400 + $200 LaunchPort sleeves) just to continue to use the $ 6K worth of Sonos equipment I own.

I also agree with the hundreds of other posts in different categories complaining about the constant Sonos App updates. When I first starting using Sonos 4 plus years ago you could do anything in the App on the main page by pushing a few buttons. Now you must push 5 or 6 buttons on multiple pages to accomplish the same task. I own a technology company, so I am not some old guy complaining about having to learn something new, I am complaining because you are not making the user experience better by forcing me to push more buttons. In this case, change does not always equal better, and it should in a company with your history and experience of making innovative products. Although I do not put Sonos in the same category as my dislike for Apple, I do think you are arrogant, and that attitude is not going to serve you well in the long run.

Sonos can certainly figure out how to support older software on IOS products that Apple does not support. You could easily keep multiply older versions on your website for your customers to download outside the Apple App store. Let’s be honest, you do not want to do it. Sonos could also figure out how to let people keep an older version of the software they like better, and not force them into a new skin. I realize that this is a complicated issue and I could not possibly be aware of all the challenges Sonos is faced with, but I think there was a better way to handle it, for your loyal customers.
I am not impressed with is update. I have a smart home run by 2 iPads, and it used to run my sonos. I own 14 sonos and not 1 will work. Fix it or I will return every one of your products and I will move forward with Bose products.
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As mentioned above there are a couple of app that will still allow you to use your speakers, plus if you stream your music you can use the spotify or amazon app as a controller.
Final option is to but a cheap Kindle Fire to use as a controller?

If you do switch good luck with the Bose
I am not impressed with is update. I have a smart home run by 2 iPads, and it used to run my sonos. I own 14 sonos and not 1 will work. Fix it or I will return every one of your products and I will move forward with Bose products.

The Bose app requires iOS 10.3 or later (see under "Information"). 🙂
For Sonos to eliminate all the Ipads that can't update, puts a very bad taste in my mouth about this company. My system is installed in a high end vacation rental, hundreds of miles from home. Not knowing this was happening, and getting complaints about the system not working, giving people discounts, and having to travel there in order to see why this was not working, I was not impressed to say the least. My home automation doesn't need a new I pad to run the house. It is more about trust moving forward than anything else.
Here's the best part right from the website!

"We plan on being in business a long time, which means we must be responsible, forward-thinking citizens. We’re committed to ethical and sustainable practices and strive to positively affect our community."

Sonos...... Please read above statement about the Sustainability you put out there and tell me how you followed this with this last update?

I got into the Sonos ecosphere about one year after they launched and I have seen this happen again and again. It is pretty ridiculous as it is just pushing perfectly fine older hardware towards a landfill. There is absolutely nothing that Sonos does that can’t be handled on the old hardware, as is obvious by SonosPad.  

Sonos, please listen to your loyal customers, the very folks who would be telling their friends about your company and products.  If one programer working part time, a couple hours a month, can maintain backwards compatibility, your engineers should be able to do the same.

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First they bricked the CR100’s.  So the old iphones & ipads were good workarounds.  So much for that.


There are so many use cases that Sonos can’t be bothered with, like Teamoutdoors situation.  Or my house where some family members don’t have smart-whatevers and none of us carry them around continuously when relaxing at home.  12 zones, and i have to go find my phone to use the featureless Sonos controller.  Not buying any more of this junk.

Big problem for me.  I build a new house 4 years ago and mounted 8 ipads in the walls to use as controllers for everything.  Lighting, sound, video, security, HVAC….everything.  The apple decision to no longer support software updates on the older ipads has not been a big deal until this Sonos debacle.  All of my other controllers for those systems still work fine- unlike sonos, they don’t REQUIRE me to update and then tell me its not compatible with my ipad version of software.  I now have 8 devices that were set up purposely to only handle controls that cannot control the system that we use more than others.  12-15K worth of sonos gear.  Was a big fan until this, and encouraged a lot of people to buy because of the ease of use.  No longer.