new wireless to orbi

  • 21 July 2017
  • 1 reply

I updated my wireless router today. So happy. Spent the last 3 hrs messing with sonos because none of the apps will connect. None of them recognize my existing system. Watched all of the videos and read all of the threads. Not happy with sonos anymore. Maybe it needs to be replaces like the old router. What is going on with your tech?

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1 reply

Spaw, I actually did the same about a week ago. Sonos absolutely does work with orbi. I did run into issues though as I had it connected wrong.

Can you describe how you currently have your modem/router(s) and sonos connected? Is one of your sonos devices connected, as in a BOOST setup?

In my case, I started off with a modem/router, with a sonos device connected to this router. When I added the orbi, I had to leave the modem/router in the network because I needed the modem functionality. So I just connected the orbi to this modem/router and thought everything would be fine, since sonos was indirectly connected to the orbi and my new wifi.

Not so, as each router creates a subnet, and sonos needs to be on the same subnet as your wifi router (orbi) I understand it. So I connected sonos to orbi directly, not going through the old modem/router. That worked and I was able to see my sonos system on the new orbi wifi.

Even if you are not using a BOOST setup, it may be a good time to switch over to that. If it's convenient to have one of your sonos devices next to the orbi base or one of it's satelitles, then do so. You can connect the orbi and sonos through an Ethernet cable.