New Virgin Remote

I have a playbar with two play one surrounds connected to a Samsung UE46F6400 TV and virgin media TiVo box. Having replaced my old Virgin remote with a new one I am unable to get the new remote to control the sound on my Sonos system. The new remote controls everything else ok (Chanel, recording options etc.) it's just the volume on Sonos I can't change with the new remote. I have reprogrammed the remote through the TiVo help but nothing changes everything works apart from the sound.

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Hi Baboon281

If you follow the instructions here when it asks you to enter a four digital code, just select a major manufacturer such as "Pioneer". Then after following these steps, go into the Sonos Application and go to "settings"->"room settings"-> select the room the TV is in ->"TV Setup and Control" ->"remote control setup"->"replace current remote" and follow the steps. Do let us know how you get on.


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