New version has made one room disappear.

  • 13 July 2018
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Since the update yesterday, I no longer can see the Sonos from our lower level, so that room has disappeared. The network connection is fine. What's the fix, beyond the standard suggestion (reset), which we have already tried?

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2 replies

Depends on what you mean by "reset", honestly.

What you do *not* want to do is do a factory reset. That gets you almost nowhere, and just erases all of your settings like playlists, etc, from your speaker.

Most often, when Sonos releases new software, an issue with your local router is exposed by the fact that the Sonos speakers do a soft reboot. Not actually the fault of Sonos, but the router loses track for unknown reasons with what IP addresses are handed out. You can reset your local system fairly easily, by unplugging all your Sonos devices, and then while they are unplugged, rebooting your router. Give the router enough time to come back up and be functional, and then plug in the first Sonos device. Give that a minute or two to finish booting as well, before moving on to the next Sonos and plugging that in. Keep doing that for as many Sonos devices you have.

There's actually a better, albeit slightly more complex way to resolve that on a more permanent basis, by reserving IP addresses in your router's DHCP table. Might take a little research to see how your particular brand of router handles it, but it's a better long term solution.
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If Sonos is dropping from the network, something is prohibiting the Sonos on the lower level to connect. It could be interference from other devices or from the environment. That being said, We are going to need a bit more information about your local network and how Sonos is integrated into it. Do you have any Sonos devices plugged into the router? Do you have any wireless extenders or access points?

Bruce gave some great suggestions about unplugging your Sonos system above, I'd highly recommend running through that procedure.

If you keep running into problems, submit a diagnostic report and reply here with the confirmation number it gives at the end. I'll be happy to take a closer look and advise on next steps.