New Update (8.1) Broke My Sonos

  • 21 October 2017
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I can't add anything to my queue on mobile or desktop with the new 8.1 update regardless of what service I use. Basically, trying to roll out cool stuff for new Sonos users broke a reliable Sono 3 I've loved for years. This is really infuriating as a long time user and am just looking for it to be resolved as soon as humanly possible so I can get back to my jams

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63 replies

I'm seeing this as well.
Same thing happened to me. Unable to play any music after update. The controller asks me if I want to resume or end my previous session but I'm not able to select any option. My entire system is useless now. Hope Sonos will fix this soon.
I found that my system is very buggy. Now ot wont find or reconnect to my 2 Play1. When i did get it to find them and connect them then it dripped the Boost, Connect and Play 5. It then found those 3 items but dropped the 2 play1 and cant find them or reconnect them.

Getting very frustrated. 😠
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Hi guys, I'd encourage you to give us a call on our support line if you're still having trouble. During the update, there are a number of things that could come up, but we can help sort them all out.

General steps are to reboot your network and all network devices, including Sonos, but a call is the most beneficial so we can dig in and help out.
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The bottom line is that Sonos has released the last update without properly testing it, thus causing a lot of problems to its customers, me included. My system cannot connect wirelessly anymore after the last update, a problem that I never had previously. Moreover, the speakers pause randomly, which indeed is very frustrating. I recommend you to resume the quality service you provided us till recently, or risk losing customers to your more professional competitors.
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Hi Cosmin, I hear you, that sounds really frustrating. These updates go through a lot of testing and it's more common the issues you're describing are caused by something local to your system and network, not the update itself. We're happy to take a look with you, so I'd encourage you to give us a call on our support line as I advised above.

If you're able to connect with one of your players wired to the network, I'd be happy to take a look. Can you submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system and reply back with your confirmation number?
I have the same issue with the new update. I can't connect thru my controller now. Shows I have nothing. Is this problem a known issue?
I'm unable to open Sonos after installing the 8.1 update. Help!
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Hi Ryan,

I managed to connect the missing speaker using a cable, but this defeats the purpose of buying a wireless speaker system. I very much doubt that this is caused by something local as I have lots of wireless devices in my home which are all working flawlessly, as did the Sonos system for nearly a year before the 8.1 update. I am frustrated because introducing new products and new functionalities should not interfere with the experience of the existing users with previously bought products. Nevertheless, here is the requested diagnostic number: 7994451. I hope that all the glitches will be sorted out soon, so I’ll be waiting for the new and hopefully improved 8.2 update.

All the best to you!
8.1 is a disaster! Unable to use Sonos speakers (sound bar, sub, and various other speakers) when watching tv due to lack of volume. Works fine with music services. Not happy
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I'm unable to open Sonos after installing the 8.1 update. Help!

Delete and reinstall the Sonos app?
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Thanks for the diagnostic, Cosmin. Looks like one of your players has developed a fault. We'll want to get that replaced for you. I'll pass your details on to the team and they'll be in touch via email to assist further.

For connection troubles with the new app, there are some good starting tips here. If you've followed those steps and still have trouble, I'd suggest that you give us a call on our support line.
I've been a loyal Sonos user for many, many years. This release is absolute crap. I've always loved sonos because it, until now, has always just worked. The new app doesn't work, my components don't connect, and the UI design makes it non-obvious how to even find music to play once I can get a speaker connected. This is worse than any crappy buggy Microsoft release I have ever seen. I would like to see a clear apology from Sonos acknowledging this is on them, and expressing a commitment to get back to their brand promise of ease of use and "it just works". If this release is indicative of a purposeful direction or quality changes at the company, you've just lost one lifetime customer and former strong promoter of your until now consistent and reliable brand. This is a sad day for your former fans.
Mine was due to issues with my internet connection.
Mine was due to issues with my internet connection.

As are most problems seen after any update. I'd give the above poster some help if I thought it would be accepted, but something tells me that's a minefield I should not enter.
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This is worse than any crappy buggy Microsoft release I have ever seen.

Thanks. I needed a laugh.
jgatie, your comment's passive aggressiveness is noted.

not a minefield. just very disappointed in a brand i had grown to trust over more than a decade. for the record, I wasn't asking for help, i've gotten most things working for the moment, though it's taken me 2+ days of whack a mole with software errors.

sharing in case anyone in Sonos QA cares:

i went to bed, everything was working. i woke up, and began having problems everywhere. and when i say everywhere i mean:

- my iOS app on iPhone7
- my son's iOS app on iPhone 6
- my son's iPad
- my Mac OS app
- wired Connect:AMP players
- wireless Connect:AMP, Play:1, Play:3, Play:5 players (multiple)
- direct connect through Sonos App
- indirect connect through Alexa

For example - even now, I get prompted to update the Sonos app on my iphone every time i open it. most times, it errors out. sometimes, it tells me it's already up to date (after prompting me to update it). right now, it shows no music services installed (so I can't use the iphone app as a controller), although all music services are (currently, after I reconnected everything) now showing on the MacOS app on the same system and working fine. All services for me means Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, Soundcloud.

Nothing has changed in my home environment. the only change is, Sonos pushed an upgrade. i know the above isn't the customer experience Sonos aspires to deliver with upgrades. if I worked there, I'd want to know. and I would own the feedback and commit to doing better.
Do you want help, or do you want to lament about things which in 99% of the cases are due to things beyond Sonos' control (even though they may be triggered by the update). If the former rather than the latter, have a read:

Connection problems which appear suddenly are often caused by network problems, not Sonos problems. The typical cause is duplicate IP addresses. These often show up after an update or power outage because a reboot requires the device to request a new IP, and the router, having lost track of current IP assignments, issues a new IP that is in use by another device. To cure this, do the following:

Reboot/power cycle your devices in the following order:

Switches or hubs
Wired Sonos units
Wireless Sonos units
Wireless devices - phones/tablets etc.

Allow each device to come back up before proceeding to the next. Note that you can permanently prevent duplicate IP addresses by assigning an IP to each device's MAC address in the router setup. See your router manual for details.

as i said quite clearly above, i was not asking for help. i have them all connected. perhaps because I stumbled into a close approximation of that sequencing of rebooting (which btw i've never had to do for any prior Sonos upgrade). so, if i'd been earlier in the process that would have been helpful, and thank you.

as i said quite clearly above, i was not asking for help. i have them all connected. perhaps because I stumbled into a close approximation of that sequencing of rebooting (which btw i've never had to do for any prior Sonos upgrade). so, if i'd been earlier in the process that would have been helpful, and thank you.

The vast majority of users do not have to do the network refresh after an update. It is the result of a perfect storm in which the update occurs after a router reboot or power failure and the leases on some of the units attached had not expired in time for the duplicate IP addresses to clear themselves out naturally. It happens to a few dozen or so systems out of a few million every update. As I stated, you can prevent it by reserving IP addresses in the router setup.
Been having the same problem since updating to 8.1. In contact w/ Sonos support on tweeter asking to reboot router and Sonos and send diagnostics. Back and forth with same result. Why is it that each time Sonos updates their app it messes up everything. To the tech support on this board, you see this is not an isolated problem so don't blame our router or network bec it's doing fine. It's the app! This is getting to be very frustrating.
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Diagnostic 8000791

Updated iPhone app to 8.1. Music cutting out and stopping randomly on play 1. All sonos devices on 8.0 but I can’t update system components from either iOS app or Mac Application. I receive error 1101 trying to update. Advanced settings menu disappeared after this update. Note that before this update all worked fine including Alexa integration with two Echo dots. I have surround system as well as single Play 1.

please advise.
macnmotion, (and for sonos tech support reference) i had the same issues with the upgrade as well. was prompted to update the sonos components through the app multiple times, with repeated failures. I eventually deleted and re-installed the iOS app, which appears to have cleared the "need to update components" message for now. it's unclear to me why an app uninstall/reinstall cleared a firmware upgrade issue for the units, but that appears to be the case.

note the app is still not yet reliable for me, e.g. last night my music services again disappeared from the iiOS app, although they were available via the MacOS app.
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Thanks ek912 I uninstalled then reinstalled he iOS app. It then allowed me to update my sonos components without the error 1101. Then after about 4 minute of “finishing up” it gave me an error message. When I closed out the error my system was gone from the app and I was asked to add a new component. No option to join my existing system. Of course I’m on the same network, they were communicating moments before.

Interestingly I then asked Alexa to play music on the Bedroom Play 1 and it plays. Sure it’s dropping out as it has since the update but at least I know the play 1 is still on the network and not bricked.

Honestly this really does suck. Should never have upgraded to 8.1. But now that I have I need Sonos to assist. I’ve dragged these components from the USA to Thailand over several trips and there is obviously no local support here.

I can’t add a new diagnostic because the app doesn’t see my system.
macnmotion, yes I also had the problem of my system (entirely, and later, just some components) disappearing. I had to manually re-add a few of them (not all) and eventually they did all come back under Sonos control in the app. it was a really flaky process for me. see advice (to me) earlier in this thread that a prescribed home network reboot sequence might help, worth a try for sure.

agree this upgrade was a mess.