New TV. Playbar works, but my two 5's are silent

  • 24 November 2016
  • 7 replies

I'm frustrated. I purchased a new TV today, and my Sonos system is not working properly. I have the Playbar optically connected to the TV and it works fine. However, there is no sound coming from my two 5 speakers. Even though there is no sound, if I click on the buttons on the side of either of the 5's, it increases/decreases the volume on the Playbar. So, they ARE paired, I'm just not getting any sound at all. Yes, I have gone in the app and raised the volume of the surrounds. I also do not get any sound when playing music. I'm at a complete loss.

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7 replies

Go into the surround settings and set music play to Full. Play some music. The surrounds should play at full strength.

If things still aren't working go to Settings/About My Sonos System. Can you see both surround speakers in the list?

Presumably you're using 'Standard Setup' (WiFi mode). If so what router do you have?
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oh well all's good and al that.
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Some ideas if you have set it up correctly.
Your tv is only passing stereo through the optical lead, a lot of tvs do not pass DD5.1, in which case you will not get any sounds out of surrounds. The tv programme might not be in DD5.1, only stereo or 3.1
Can you try a blue ray player's optical out set to output DD5.1 , to playbar instead?
Thanks for the replies.

Music is not playing, either, except through the playbar. Yes, both surrounds are in the list.

I have an Xfinity router. I did try rebooting the router. Again, I just bought a new TV. Everything was working fine with the old TV, but as soon as I hooked the system up to the new TV, the playback in the surrounds stopped. The playbar still works.
After the router reboot did you also try restarting everything else on the network, in case there's an IP address conflict?

It seems strange that introducing the TV could have triggered a problem, unless it's smart and is causing some network issues. Is the TV attached to WiFi? If so which frequency band?
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Can you test it back on the old tv? just to eliminate the tv....

I made my previous post after waking up this morning. I had not turned the TV on yet. Inexplicably, when I turned the TV on, everything worked fine!

The thing is, I don't know what I did. I scoured these forums, and did practically everything I could find, but nothing worked . . at least not right away. I wish I knew what resolved the issue, so I could help the next person who experiences the same problems.