New Sonos speakers, having issues with low end.

  • 6 November 2016
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Hi guys

Just purchased a pair of Sonos Play:1s a few weeks ago, and on the whole I'm really happy with them.

Just one question i've got... when I'm listening to a tune which is a bit heavier on the lower frequencies - for instance, Radiohead - Bodysnatchers...the speakers seem to go a bit muffled/fuzzy even at a very low volume on the bass. This also happens on other pieces of music that are similar.

I'm not sure if this is normal or if this is a defect - interestingly they both sound the same, it's not that one of them goes muffled and the other doesn't.

Any thoughts? is this normal, or have I got two bad speakers?

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4 replies

The sound on that track is quite distorted anyway, whether intentionally or not, and the bass line's not especially crisp. I think what you're probably hearing is just the PLAY:1s revealing the track for what it is. It would be very unusual to have two faulty units.

It's worth adding that the PLAY:1 is a pretty small speaker, notwithstanding its great sound. If what you want is earth-shaking bass you'd need to add a SUB.
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Yea the Play:1 does not have a lot of low end. To get best performance I like to keep it close to a wall or corner (tends to reverb more bass) then run trueplay (adjust the bass slider up a bit if you want more bas then trueplay provides in its tuning). But don't expect miracles from that small a speaker.
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If you haven't already, set them up as a stereo pair if they're in the same room; the sound improves pretty dramatically over grouping.
The play 1 does a good job of giving a workable impression of deep bass - muffled/fuzzy isn't normal if it isn't something on the track itself. And given its small size, it can't do the real thing in the way a Sub can, it has the same general limitations of satellite speakers which also are often combined with a Sub.

But I would not recommend adding a Sub unless you first get the 1 pair working to its full capability. Try a better recorded track, place the speakers well, and run true play and see how things go and then decide if bass presence is inadequate as opposed to fuzzy.