New Sonos Beam awful metallic sound

  • 4 August 2020
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Just set up a new sonos beam connected to a panasonic TV using the HDMI ARC. The sound when playing music through airplay sounds awful from my iPhone max XS. I set it up with true play, the garden room is empty at the moment as it needs furniture so it has a bit an echo. when the beam is used you can still hear the metallic sound but not as bad. It sound like the Treble has +30 not +10.

I turned true play off and the audio is pants it needs true play on it to make it sound better. Why doesn't SONOS have manual settings instead of Trueplay to allow owners to set the sound for themselves instead of relying on software. I am not impressed with this product at the moment and don't want to return it but will if i have to. I have a playbase on my Panasonic TV indoors true play is not activated and it sounds great, i also have 2x play 5 2-3 years old and a play 1 which is 1 year old with no problems.

When i installed the Beam i updated the software so i don't know what else to do, thanks in advance for any help

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3 replies

Any speaker system will sound challenged in a room with no furniture, there is just too much reflective space. Put furniture in the room, then run TruePlay again, and make your evaluation at that point. You’ll have a much better impression of what the speaker can do. Then you can decide to keep or return. 


I will put some furniture in and try that,  thanks for your reply i will report back soon

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The Beam is a fantastic little soundbar with sub and rears. Your room definitely needs filling up with furniture.