New Sonos Amp combination TV entrance PlayBar

Audio though playbar works just fine. Connected though optical. But after installation of a new Amp (2) Tv audio cuts 1 or 2 times every minute on the AMP. The rest functions ok (play 5 gen 2 2 x and one play one and playbar)

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What device is connected to the TV currently, the playbar or the Amp? The playbar and amp are setup as different rooms in Sonos, correct?
the playbar tough optical, and yes they are setup as different rooms
Are you you grouping the playbar and Sonos amp to play together? If you group the playbar with one of your other speakers, do you get the same issue?

Are you perhaps using the line in for the Sonos amp? If so, you might want to change the compression settings.
I'm grouping the p;aybar with the AMP. If I group the Pakltbar with all the rest of the speakers as well, the problem persist with the sound through the AMP. The rest functions normal.
And yes a have a old style reccordplayer connected though the line-in on the AMP.