New Sono and ITUNES

  • 6 August 2014
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I just got my sonos syatem, and I am having issues with sonos finding all my itunes music. It basically says unable to play, and that it does not exist. Also, when I search sonos, it won't have all of my artist and musc that is in my itunes. Please help!!

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2 replies

HI, I am in the same position with my Sonos 3 which I purchased yesterday. I have followed the instructions to mve my itunes library across but keep getting error message '1002' and the words "Sonos was unable to add music folder". I have tried several times and even tried by joining the SONOS to my Mac using the ether net cable. I have followed the instructions in respect of checking the firewall enables SONOS communication and still nothing. I have read many of the responses to similar questions and frankly, whilst far from stupid, I am not a techie!! Please can I have a simple explanation as to why this happening and a simple explanation as to how to fix it.
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Did you install the Sonos controller on the Mac. That normally makes the process easier. If you have and gone through the firewall settings it is strange your having issue.

You aren't hooking the Ethernet cable actually to the Mac are you. The Ethernet cable should hook to your router.