New router - only one speaker connecting

  • 7 December 2016
  • 4 replies

I got a new router yesterday. I connected one Play 1 speaker fine, but another Play 1 and a Play 5 (first gen) cannot connect. I updated wireless settings, updated the initial Play 1 speaker. Turned off and on wifi, turned off and on all speakers. Any ideas anyone?

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4 replies

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Did you follow new router procedure:
Replaced your router or changed WiFi settings?
Ethernet to laptop worked for me.
You might be unlucky as sonos version7 was released yesterday, all your stuff needs to be on 7.
Hi Paul, thanks for your reply. Yes I followed the new router procedure. I also updated everything, speakers, apps. Still no luck. When I updated the speakers individually through Ethernet cable they showed up but as soon as I unplugged from the Ethernet they disappeared again. So I'm back to square one again with just the initial Play 1 speaker showing up.
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Hmm, from memory, after first play unit is working on Ethernet (boost mode), then remove ethernet and it switches to standard mode (Wi-Fi), then turn others units on one at a time and wait for each to appear before repeating with rest - this worked for me, do not rush things.
After that I would contact support.
Hi Paul. Thanks. I ended up being guided through the "alternative setup" when trying to connect the play 5 and it all seems to be up and running now. Thanks for the tip on updating everything. Think that did the trick in the end.