New playbar won't connect to existing system

  • 18 February 2017
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I've got a current Sonos setup with a Boost connected to my router, a Living Room zone comprising 2x Play:1 speakers in a Left-Right pair, a Kitchen zone with a Play:1 speaker and a Bedroom zone with a Play:1 speaker - all working fine.

I've just bought a Playbar with the intention of adding it to the Living Room zone. It's only connections are power and the optical cable connecting to the TV, and I've attempted to set it up in the same manner as all the other speakers (green flashing light, "Play and +", chime...). It then spends a few minutes on the "trying to connect" screen, before failing and displaying a "could not connect" screen.

The state it's in now is that the light on the playbar is solid white, but does not appear in any of my zones or is able to play music. Is there anything I can do to get this working?

Thanks, Andy

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6 replies

Temporarily wire the PLAYBAR to the BOOST's second Ethernet port.
Factory reset it (only the PLAYBAR) and try to add it again.

What router do you have?
The router is a SKY SR101 - one sent to me by my ISP (Sky).

I just tried to wire the playbar to the boost and ran through the process. Following the chime, the playbar light starts flashing orange and eventually the app displays "Not Connected - your sonos product was not found". After a while the light is now solid orange.
This doesn't sound good.

In order to eradicate IP address conflict as a possible cause, you'll need to restart your entire network. I know it's a pain but you should at least go through the process.

Power everything off -- including router, Sonos, all computers, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, network printers, cameras, etc -- and restart in order:
- router
- wired Sonos devices
- wireless Sonos devices
- everything else
Wait for each device to reboot fully before moving to the next.

If, after all that, the PLAYBAR still displays the same symptoms you should contact your retailer.
You're right - it's a pain. But it worked!

All I've got to do now is to figure out how to turn off the internal TV speakers as it's not obvious - but that's not a Sonos problem. Thanks for the help!
One more bit of info - just in case others have the same problem. When the router came back up, I tried changing the routers WiFi channel just in case the selected channel was an issue. The channel was previously 1, and is now 7.
When the router came back up, I tried changing the routers WiFi channel just in case the selected channel was an issue.
It wouldn't have been. That's why you were directed to temporarily wire the PLAYBAR to the BOOST, to eliminate wireless as a possible culprit.

The channel was previously 1, and is now 7.

Channel 7 is actually a bad choice. You should only use 1, 6 or 11 for WiFi to avoid damaging interference from overlapping channels. Owing to the channel width they must be spaced by 5 or more. This is why Sonos only offers 1, 6 or 11 for SonosNet. Pick one for SonosNet and a different one ((from 1/6/11) for WiFi.