New Playbar doesnt connect to my Panasonic VT30B 55

  • 28 November 2016
  • 3 replies

Please help my Panasonic VT30B does state it has a 'digital audio out' however the supplied optical cable doesnt fit in the back of the TV. The shape of the cable is D shaped and the shape of the place where the cable should go in is round. I am worried that i have spent quite a lot of money on something I cannt use as the shop has said if you open the box I cannot get a refund. Is there an adaptor I can buy please ans if so would I get the most out of my soundbar.
I am not that great with these kind if things so any help offered would be greately apprciated please.
Kind regards and thanks in advance

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3 replies

According to the manual that TV was supplied with an optical digital audio adaptor (part no. K7CXGYC00001).
Ratty you are a lifesaver! I found found the adaptor and its all connected up. Thank you sir! i just need to figure out how to disable the damn speakers on the TV now

thanks again buddy
I have worked around the speakers problem by using unused buttons on the TV remote for volume up,down and mute.
I am all set happy days