New Play3 won't play from network music library

  • 15 February 2017
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I have a NAS with many lossless ripped albums from my CD collection my Sonos system had no issues with. However, I just added a new Play:3 to the system and it won't play anything from the NAS. The controller sits and spins then gives me a message about an error adding the song(s) to the queue (1002). See screen shot attachment.

I can play these tracks on any other speaker 1, 3 and 5 and through my Connect. I can even get the new Play:3 to play the tracks in a group but once removed from the group it gets the error again.

I've look all over the place and cannot find a discussion on this issue. Has anybody had this issue and can it be resolved easily?

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5 replies

Sounds like something that needs a support request raised. If your library is playable from other Sonos kit, then I'm not sure any of the normal troubleshooting stuff us users do can help.


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My initial thought was did you add the new speaker into your existing set-up or set it as a new system on it's own.

If the first then shut all off (router, Sonos and all phones, tablets and items on network). Then restart router, then bridge or boost, then Sonos gear and then the rest of your network devices

If 2. Then you need to add to existing system - factory reset and add to existing system.

Apart from that the advice of Majik is right - Submit a diagnostic after the error message and wait for a Sonos reply or call support.
@Majik and @Stuart_W thank you both for your thoughts. It is setup within the current system on SonosNet and the new Play:3 shows within my Android, Windows and Mac controllers. I'm going to try unplugging all sonos speakers and connect and see if a good ol' restart will help solve the issue before reaching out to support. Thanks again!
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I posted about a similar issue with my PLAY:3 a couple days ago.

I can add a single track on my Play 3 from the NAS but i can't add a full album. Same issue as you, unable to add to queue.

I haven't gotten round to a full on restart yet as i need to find the right time when i can power down my NAS and router. Let me know how your restart goes, see if it solves the problem.
@zaphoduk I took the advice of @Stuart_W and did a full restart and everything works perfectly. I didn't have to go as far as a factory reset, so the process to unplug the speakers, connect and router took about ten minutes. I hope yours is just as easy.