New music downloaded via apple music not showing in Sonos app

  • 9 December 2016
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Any new music i download to my iPhone or ipad from apple music doesn't show in the "On this iPhone", i can use the Apple Music tab to go find it that way but if i go to "on this iphone" and try and find any of the songs or album they just are not there. Also if i add a newly dowloaded song to one of my playlists on the iphone they don't update within the Sonos app either.
I've tried updating the music index but that doesn't do anything.


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36 replies

Thanks John. As noted- these are purchases. Further other content, purchasd the same way works...... so it’s clearly a Sonos issue. hence holding Sonos accountable.
Have you tried this suggestion earlier in the thread?
5 months ago
Figured it out...Browse/Add Music Player/Apple Music/Sign In and continue. It now recognizes my Apple Music that I’ve downloaded.

Also, if you add one of these tracks to a playlist in the Apple player, does it appear in the playlist in 'on this iPhone'?
Unfortunately (or not?) I don't listen to a lot of "current" music, but I think that Apple does include DRM on "Apple Exclusive" musics, at least until they're no longer exclusive.

But if you're going to hold Sonos' feet to the fire on this, it might be worth giving them additional information like the actual track names, so that they can do some testing on their side to figure out what the problem might be.

And along with that data, maybe submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of replicating this issue, and contact Sonos to discuss it. There may be information included in the diagnostic along with the track names that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.
Hmmm, I could swear I just wrote a post about this on another thread.

For some period of time, Apple put their music in a format that included DRM (Digital Rights Management), which meant that the only app that could be used to play them was the iTunes app. At some point in the last several years, they gave up on that requirement, and have re-released all of the previously recorded tracks without DRM, so that they could be played by any music player, including Sonos.

It's entirely possible that some of the music that you purchased and downloaded from Apple are in this "unreadable" format. I had quite a few tracks that were in this situation myself. The good thing is, you can just delete your downloads from your device, be it iPhone or Mac, and just redownload a new copy, which will not be DRM encoded, and it should then work without issue on the Sonos speakers.

Unfortunately, to my knowledge, there's no easy way to identify whether a track that you have previously downloaded does have DRM encoding. There probably is, but I've never bothered to look in to it. All I did was delete my library that I had previously downloaded, and then downloaded fresh copies from Apple, and it all just started working in any music player I chose.

It's entirely possible that this is the situation that you're in. And, it's possible that it isn't, so if it isn't, I would try playing one of those tracks that don't work, and then submit a system diagnostic, and contact Sonos to discuss it. There will likely be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.
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Having the same issue as well as other issues regarding song playback. Seems ridiculous for a speaker company to have so many issues letting music play on their system. "The easy-to-use wireless home sound system" is their tagline, but the easiest thing it's supposed to do, play all of your music, has caveats. I've given Sonos a 2 star rating because of all the playback issues...sound is phenomenal, but doesn't matter if you can't play the music you want to hear. I hope Sonos finds a fix for this soon.
I deleted the songs that wouldn’t sync off my iPhone and the re-downloaded them. Sonos then recognized they were on my phone. It was a pain, but it fixed the issue.
Good indicator that they probably had DRM on them, and the new download removed that.
This worked...

Exit sonos app
Remove the download in iTunes
Re-download in iTunes
Launch the sonos app
Re-index in the sonos app under manage library

The problematic album then appeared in "music on this phone" in the sonos app....
I found a simple solution if you are subscribed to Apple
Music. Just go Setting/My Music Services/Add Another.

Then Add Apple Music. Once I did that all
my downloaded tracks showed up.
I found a simple solution if you are subscribed to Apple
Music. Just go Setting/My Music Services/Add Another.

Then Add Apple Music. Once I did that all
my downloaded tracks showed up.

Tracks from Apple Music downloaded to your device are DRM-protected and not playable by third-party platforms like Sonos.

Please note that playing these songs through Apple Music on Sonos will use your Internet bandwidth, they are not streaming from a local device.