new internet router and products wont connect

  • 7 December 2019
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hope someone out there can help me. I have recently changed my internet provider from Vodafone to sky. 
Since installing the sky router the Sonos won’t connect correctly. It asks for me to add WiFi settings every time I try to use the system and it so t find all my products. I have a bridge several play 1s play 3 a play 5 beam and a sub. It worked ok on the old WiFi but since installing the new router nothing but trouble. I’ve turned them all off and on again and tried to reboot them all but still it’s not working properly any ideas ?

thanks in advance


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7 replies

As it stands now everything works for me except I can’t control the volume to my Beam using the TV remote any longer.  Which was working fine before this event started…


This is why we recommend refraining from the factory reset.

You’ll need to go through the remote setup procedure.

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And for anyone reading this: if there is no security reason for having a new SSID and password, just configure the new router to use the old one’s SSID and password. Saves you changing the wifi credentials on all your stuff and especially on Sonos, which seems to be a pain...

Try removing the BRIDGE from the equation. They’re known to have the potential for bad power supplies that cause connection issues. Instead, wire one of the speakers directly to the router with an ethernet cable. 

Here is information on what a factory reset is. Generally, the absolutely last thing you should ever do to your system, it basically erases all data from the device, including any error logs that might help Sonos help you. Sonos is pretty clear that you should only do it at their instructions, although there are cases when I’m willing to advise it….but only if the user has more than one device, since erasing all settings on all devices just doesn’t help, in 99% of the cases. 

Finally, there’s support 24/7. Just click on the “Contact Us” link below, then look on the right top, clicking on “skip to see all options”, where they’ll show you the 24/7 options, which unfortunately are not phone options. 

Thanks for advice. What does the factory reset entail and how do I do it ? I’ve tried unplugging and pressing the reset buttons (up and pause together) I’ve tried unplugging the bridge and plugged one to the router. I think I’ll give the support line a ring on Monday. It’s so frustrating. It should have been so simple. 

No problem.  So, for me, t went like this:


  • unplug every Sonos device from the wall
  • take one of my speakers and plug it in directly to the router with a LAN cable
  • factory reset that speaker while plugged into Ethernet (I carried one of my play 1’s into the room with the router)
  • then we factory reset all the other speakers one at a time
  • then we reset all the groups and setup in the Sonos app

It was definitely a three hour experience for me too.  As it stands now everything works for me except I can’t control the volume to my Beam using the TV remote any longer.  Which was working fine before this event started…


Hi Hemiguy68

thanks for the reply. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

what a carry on. Three hours and much frustration later and it’s still not right. 
wont find all the speakers, keeps sort of splitting them into two different set ups. Won’t attach sub or surround sound ???

ill try and give the help line a ring, but I’m at work for the times they are open 

I’ll keep trying 

thanks again

I had the same issue and unfortunately the only way to get around it was a full factory reset of all my speakers.  I am on this forum now because I still have one last issue after getting back up and running, and saw this post so I thought I would reply and share my should probably wait until Monday and get Sonos support on the phone.  I wouldn’t recommend trying the factory reset without them on the phone to help.  Good luck!