network swtich and Wireless AP involved

  • 5 October 2016
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hi All;

Following picture depicts my setup ;

the dsl modem which provides internet is in another building;
then it gives internet to a cisco switch , which is in another building;
from the cisco sw , there are 6-10 Ubiquiti Wireless APs are connected , which are evenly distributed in the house/building2, to provide wifi internet.

so My sonos speakers (Play 3 &5 ) get connected via these AP .

But the problem is , the connection b/w my Ipad controller and the Speakers , keep on dropping. Sometimes the app kicks out some speakers out of the grouped speakers.
As a remedy when i restart the sonos app, it just Ungroup all my speakers grouping.

I read the community forum and found out that i have to install the "Connect" device , and it will strengthen the connection.
I have those connect device (4 of them, can order more). But the forums says , it needs to be inserted into the modem . My modem is in another building far away.
and i am receiving wifi via wireless APs.

How to i use "Connect" device in this setup ????

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3 replies


First off, the Connect device is probably not necessary, since the Sonosnet is created by hooking at least one of those speaker via CAT-5 to your network. Without connecting any speaker via CAT-5, then yes, a Connect will create the Sonosnet. You'd want to attach the connect to the router in building 2. You don't need anything connected in building 1 at all, other than the connection to the cisco switch in building 2.

That being said, there are a couple of outstanding questions, since it seems to be working sometimes, according to what I'm reading out of your post.

1) How far apart are the speakers in building 2? They need to be within wifi reach of each other, or the Connect, in order to maintain the Sonosnet connection.
2) When it does work, does it work fine now, until such point at which it stops dropping? I could see a potential issue that I'm not qualified to comment on, not being a networking expert like many of our members here, making sure that the Cisco bridge is set up properly, to pass all of the necessary information.
3) Is each of those APs a separate room?
4) What is the music source you're playing? Is it Internet streamed music, or locally stored, and if so, where?

I think answers to those questions might help others who have more knowledge than me assist in helping you with your issues.

Best of luck!
I never connected any of my speaker to any cat5 cable. I chose the "Wireless Setup" . The ipad controller once connected with my wifi, found the speakers and installed them. that's how i installed all of those speakers.
Since the connection keeps on dropping , i was thinking of using "Connect" device as a fix . But everytime I try to install that , sonos app tells me to hook it up with your internet router. and i dont have "internet rounter" in building 2 . In building 2 we have "Wireless Access points" . I tried to pull out the cat 5 cable from one AP and inserted in "Connect device"; nothing happend. The sonos app did not pick it up.

Yes all the APs are in different rooms and halls.

Yes they all (speakers) are in reach of wireless APs. Most of the speakers are in same room as of the AP. Whereas some speakers are in the next room to the AP.

Connection mostly drops when the Controller ipad is on the move within the building2 (but within the APs range). i.e from one room to another or from one floor to another. (plz dont get the impression by the word 'building2' that its a huge building. Its actually a house with 2 floors . each floor has 6-8 rooms and halls)

Sometimes it plays . but sometimes it stops right in the middle of the song. then the app needs to be restarted again. and then we see some speaker is missing from group or the whole group of speakers are broken apart in individual speakers.

All my music is locally stored in the same "controller IPAD". NO internet streaming or any internet radio service.
I have plans to play music from shared drive. but i dont see that coming, as i am having troubles in simple scenarios :/

Hope that explains the setup .

any help will be appreciated.

OK, with that, I may be able to help a bit more. Although there's a lot of folks around here with much more knowledge than me, if they step in, please listen to them rather than me (jgatie, ratty, Stuart_W, Kumar, honestly, just about anyone has more networking knowledge than I do.)

First thing I'd suggest for your current set up is the possibility of connecting via CAT-5 just one of your speakers directly to your Cisco switch, and then waiting about 5 minutes. That will switch your network from pure wifi to Sonosnet, where each speaker acts as both a receiver and a broadcaster, setting the whole system into a "mesh" configuration. This might potentially strengthen the signal that each speaker is getting. I don't think adding a Connect (or a better choice would be a Boost) would really help the situation that much, other than forcing your system from Wifi to Sonosnet.

But that's actually a secondary issue. I think what you're actually seeing is that Sonos is losing track of the iPad where the music is stored, i.e. the iPad is dropping off of your wifi network. And harder for me to make suggestions, since we're talking about the wifi network and an Apple device. But there's also a possibility that there's a duplicate IP issue (or subnet?), if it's connecting to different Access Points. And here's where I would ask others with more networking knowledge to step in :)

Frankly, a shared drive (i.e. a NAS) might resolve the majority of this for you, since it would be directly wired to your network anyway, and you wouldn't need to worry about the temporary disconnection of the iPad to your network. I use the same system, basically, but the iPad my music lives on never leaves the network. You could then just use the iPad as a remote control, while the music just played, and it wouldn't care if the iPad was temporarily disconnected, since it would only be dealing with start and stop type messages.

I really think you're 90% of the way there, don't worry, things will start working, and it'll be outstanding.