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  • 20 November 2016
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I've had my sonos system for several years but recently I've had serious problems with playback. Tracks constantly pause and skip and then I usually get a message saying "insufficient network speed to maintain playback buffer". Yesterday I connected my zp100 to the router with ethernet via a home plug and disabled WiFi as described in the following link but it still persists:
Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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3 replies

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First of all Sonos Support are unlikely to help you unless you re-enable the wireless and dispense with the Homeplug. Both are unsupported.

Do you have just the ZP100? How has it been connected prior to the Homeplug experiment? If you have other Sonos players do they also suffer?

You could have something as simple as an IP conflict. Have you tried a complete restart of all the devices on the network, to force them to refresh their IP addresses?
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Thanks for your reply. I rebooted everything and that does seem to have done the trick - I should have thought to try that first!