• 21 June 2019
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I have two local networks and have added the boost network. How can I find out which network my Sonos system is on?

2 replies

You can look at "About My Sonos System" in settings, and look at each speaker's last line which starts with WM: and is followed by a number. If that number is 0, your speaker is considered to be wired, or on the SonosNet network. If it's a 1, then your speaker is connected to your own wifi.

Since you've added the SonosNet network by attaching the BOOST to your router with an ethernet cable, you really should go in to the settings for the wireless system in the Sonos controller, and remove any data that you put in there before you set up the BOOST. You don't want to have the speaker confused and flapping between the two networks.
By the way, you probably want to make sure that these three networks that you now have are all operating on different channels. I'd be using 1, 6 and 11, since they don't overlap at all.