Need expert advice on placing my iTunes library onto my Seagate personal cloud

I recently purchased 2 play 5's, a sub and a play bar for my new home and to be able to listen to all of my iTunes songs. First off, I absolutely love the sound. Completely blown away!!! However, I have had numerous challenges getting my iTunes songs to play without dropping. I have spoken with several people at Sonos and all is in good order. However, after all the drops with wifi, and then again after hardwiring via ethernet.........I think am only left with one other option to prevent the dropping and that is to try and download all my iTunes music library onto my newly purchased Seagate personal cloud (had to buy this as well)...........The question is how do I get all of my music from my Macbook air to the seagate personal cloud???........Any help would be greatly appreciated - please note I am challenged with these types of issues.........had I known all of this would have been required.........I would not have gone this route for my home entertainment system........again anyhow would be appreciated :) maybe we can salvage this incredible sound system but i got to have my music in order to do that - thanks in advance

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The Seagate drive is wired to your router via cable. Once you have set it up and connected to it in your Mac you will see it in "Finder".

You have a couple of options.

1) Create a copy of your iTunes Music files in your Seagate - Just copy over the files to your Seagate drive. Then using the Mac controller (Sonos) point to this folder on the Seagate.
When you add new music to your iTunes then you will have to copy manually and re-index (you can set Sonos to index every day automatically by the way.

2) This is what I do. I moved my whole iTunes library to the Seagate drive so when I burn a new CD it automatically goes to the Seagate and I have Sonos Index every day.

Hope this helps
I sincerely appreciate your assistance. It sounds simple enough, but remember I am challenged when it comes to technology. What is the difference between (a) creating a copy of my iTunes music files in my Seagate personal cloud and (b) moving the whole library?

With the limited knowledge I have relating to this subject, moving the entire library might seem like the best option here. I am guessing that I will basically copy my iTunes folder in my home folders music folder to my new Seagate personal cloud

I am assuming that during this process it will prompt me when I get to the point when I am ready to place my iTunes library on the Seagate personal cloud. I will be doing this over the wifi in the house and assume that will work fine. I do realize that using an ethernet connection might be better but I have a MacBook Air and no ethernet port or adapter for it.

I think my largest concern is that I somehow lose my entire iTunes library in this process, and that would be a pisser! I am guessing that I could create a new folder on my desktop and save all of the iTunes library to it prior to beginning this process so that if anything went wrong I would still have all of my iTunes music in that folder. Is that possible or recommended?

Thanks again and I am going to try and do this this evening. Will be so nice to finally not have the "drops" all of the time!

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This article gives a guide on moving your iTunes to your NAS.

Yes you can copy the music files from the Mac to the Seagate (NAS) over your network with no issue.

Only you can decide where you want to store your music files - It may make sense to keep using the Mac for iTunes and back-up the music files to the NAS and point Sonos there
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I've recently gone through a similar experience. Upgraded my broadband service, Ethernet cabled my PC to the router, purchased a WD MyCloud Mirror.

I have copied all of the music over to the NAS, but I took the opportunity to create a new iTunes library- various reasons for this, as I was not entirely happy with the old set up, simplifying the folder structure on the NAS, etc. This did mean recreating my playlists from scratch, but this was not as painful as it sounds, as I always reference the playlist name in the Notes section of the iTunes tags.

It's taken a while to get things the way I wanted but it's worth it- music is now properly on-demand as the NAS is always on.
okay i have read about four or five different ways to add my iTunes library to my seagate personal cloud. the only one that seems to make any sense and appear to be doable is this one. pardon my ignorance but can i use the advice listed here about moving my iTunes library to an external drive. i do realize that the NAS and external drive may not be the same - it looks like i can do it this way? any help would be appreciated :)
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This looks like the right way to do things. It's a well written version of the standard advise.

If you've kept your iTunes in your current drive exactly as it was originally set up, then this should work fine.
okay guys i am getting closer :) i just wish i had known about this cumbersome process prior to purchasing sonos. i just figured in this day and age technology would be advanced enough that i would not have had to be this well versed in the process. i just wanted a great sound system to go with my incredible iTunes library - oh well - anyway - it looks as though all is well now - maybe??

(1) i did everything that was requested
(2) entire iTunes library copied into the personal cloud
(3) in my sonos music library settings my personal cloud shows up ----- > all good right?
(4) I clicked onto it to begin enjoying my music as I am supposedly receiving music from the seagate personal cloud now as opposed to my computer library --- > right??

Well it dropped my songs again??

very confused but at the same time patient that this will all work out with some expert advice - just seems too much for the average Joe to deal with - trying to stay upbeat with the whole Sonos experience as I truly love the sound :) but gees there has to be an easier solution in this day and age for those old school guys like myself who have a life outside of the technical matters involved and just want tone able to plug n play in a user friendly manner

again - thanks for your help - i am getting there :)

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The problem, though, isn't a Sonos one. The issue is that if you want to move music between locations you have to be careful to ensure that the moving is done correctly, otherwise you will create problems down the line. And Sonos isn't specifically designed for iTunes- the only real connection to iTunes is its ability to read your iTunes library to show your iTunes playlists. I'd suggest that the real difficulty is because of The piecemeal development of iTunes.

Have you pointed Sonos's music library to the new location of your music. For example, in my case the music was on the Cdrive of my PC. It is now on the Cloud, which is part of your network.
I assure you I do not know enough about it to debate. I just wish I had known of the problem (regardless of reason) prior to making the purchase. I have spent the better part of three weeks trying to resolve the issue.

Now for the good news :)

Thanks to you, and this site, as well as several others, I finally have my iTunes songs on the Seagate personal cloud and......I am not getting any drops :) I had pointed my music to my personal cloud. However, it still was dropping. I went into the folders section of my music on the sonos controller and found a "folder" section - I clicked on it and it offered my iTunes library on my computer and my library on my seagate. I clicked the seagate and have had no problems since :)

granted....i no longer have my playlists from iTunes but i can redo them onto a new sonos playlist and that is fine with me :) I am not getting any drops now and that is an easy problem to fix :)

Again, thanks for getting me to this point - I am very grateful!!

now for my next dilemma (hopefully the final one) My girl friend has an older mac with a lot of her music on it. I am guessing I can just put it on the seagate (i know how to do this part now :) However, my question is.........could putting her music on the seagate affect the music already put on there? I just don't want to mess anything up now that it is working
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Watch outs would be to make sure the music she has is in a format that Sonos can play - It probably is ok but just keep that in mind.

Also, if she has any tracks that are the same file name as any of yours then one will be ignored.
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That's good news.

Basically, Sonos will list and play what ever you want it to as long as you point it to the place where that music is stored.
So under Manage/Settings/Music Library you are just telling it where you music is stored, so it can always look it up.

So you can add your girlfriend's music to the Seagate and then in Manage/Settings/Music Library you just add another that tells Sonos about this. It won't make any difference to Sonos you can add plenty of different sources, unless:
a) You and your girlfriend have lots of Music that is the same- it won't stop Sonos playing them, you will just have duplicates
b) The amount of tracks exceed 65,000 (approximately). These is a memory limit built in to the speakers, which means you can only have that number of tracks. (you probably won't want to know the solutions for that just that though!!!!)

One other thing- your iTunes playlists can be imported to Sonos- they come up as imported playlists- you just have to let Manage/Settings/Music Library know where your iTunes library file is stored.

Hope that helps- as ever, willing to help further if needed.
You can regain your iTunes playlists by migrating your iTunes library files to the NAS along with your music library. That way you do not need to keep separate iTunes library files on your computer and it will allow Sonos access to the playlists. See this link for how to migrate the library files:


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