NAS disappears when plugged into a ZP90 connected wirelessly

  • 30 September 2016
  • 3 replies


I've just gotten a new NAS - Synology DS115j and spent most of the day putting music in it, on the usual share folder.
When I connected it to the ZP 90 which was itself connected through a rj45 cable to my router, everything worked.
Then I put it back in my audio system, where it connects wirelessly to my router. The ZP90 still works, but the NAS has vanished.
Can't find it using any usual tools (Synology assistant etc.).

Does anyone have ideas?


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3 replies

If you mean the zp90 is connected wirelessly and the NAS is plugged into the zp90 then that's correct, the Ethernet ports are disabled when in wireless mode. Plug the NAS into the router instead.
The Ethernet ports on Sonos components only work in "Boost" (or Sonosnet) mode.

Additional benefits of a BOOST Setup

A BOOST Setup offers a few additional benefits which do not impact the performance of your Sonos system, but some users might find useful.

•The Ethernet ports on the back of your Sonos products are active and can be used to provide a connection to a non-Sonos network device (such as a printer or TV).
Now that makes sense! I thought it was too good to be true when Sonos announced that the Bridge was not necessary anymore. Good thing I didn't sell it then.
Thanks for the answers. MUCH appreciated.