My ZP100's are not playing for the right time when an alarm starts

  • 10 October 2021
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I have 2 x ZP100’s. They have worked faultlessly for years - well for as long as I have had them.

However I’ve noticed recently that when the morning alarm triggers (one is in the bedroom and has been our wake-up music for years) the ZP100 stop playing after a random, and short, period of time - about 10-15 minutes. They are actually set to play for 90 minutes.

Anyone know what’s going on. 


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3 replies

Have you tried simply deleting the alarm and recreating it? I’ve known alarm records to get corrupted.

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No, not tried that. I have tried changing the duration (noticing that you can select any length of alarm now and not just the 5/10/15/30 etc.) minutes that used to be the options.

I’ll delete and re-create.


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Re-creating the alarms didn’t work.

However what did was I turned off the ZP100’s for most of a day, powered them back up, they reconnected to the Sonos network, re-created the alarms and this morning they both stayed on for the time set in the alarm.