My Sonos system has become unusable

  • 5 February 2017
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Hi, over the last couple of weeks my sonos system has become unusable. I keep losing connection to my spotify account, my deezer account and my music library. Also it is hit and miss if it will work directly from my phone. I have a Play5, Play1 and bridge. Can anyone help me get it back working the way it was. I have deleted the controller on my mac and reinstalled the system completely, but I am still having the same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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3 replies

Just an update, the sonos works fine from the phone, but my music library won't play from my NAS drive either. I also tried playing directly from my Spotify app, but the songs skipped from that too.
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There are a few potential issues that could be creating your problems:

1) IP address conflicts. This is when more than one device on your network has the same IP address and that obviously makes communication with the devices a challenge (Think of a computer that hibernates, and while "off the network" another device requests an IP from the router... If the router assigned the IP of the hibernating computer because it thinks the IP is available... and then you "wake" the computer... you get network challenges since the computer doesn't request a new IP.)

These are most simply resolved by forcing the reassignment of IP addresses by powering down **all** networking devices (computers, phones, hubs, tablets, NAS, Sonos devices, etc....), the router and your modem (if different). The power them up starting with the modem, then the router, then each device one at a time and this forces new IP assignments to each device and *voila* communication flows freely. This requirement can be avoided by logging into most routers and assigning IP addresses to devices that are typically on your network.

If I were you , I'd start with this.

You *could be experiencing challenges with Network noise, interference, congestion...

Given you have a bridge connected, this means you should have your Sonos devices operating on "SonosNet", this is a mesh wifi network that the Sonos devices create between themselves to take load off the router and direct all internet through the wired boost.

I would first make sure that your bridge is the *full length* of the ethernet cable *away* from your router and that you have no 2.4Ghz wireless device near any of the Sonos Devices (home wireless Phones, Baby Monitors, etc.).

Ensure that the 2.4Ghz "channel" you set the SonosNet on is one that has as little network noise as possible... (you can easily find small utility programs that will show you networks near your computer, the "channel" they are on and their strength.

You want to go into your router's control panel and ensure that you set the router channel as well and that it is at least 5 channels away from whatever you set SonosNet to (Don't let it "auto" select the channel.)

Hope this helps!
Thanks Shrkb8t. That seems to have done the trick. Thank you for your help.