My Sonos keeps cutting off songs before the end on iOS

Since the latest software download, my Sonos system will not play a single song to the end - they cut off about two thirds of the way through

Best answer by Keith N 15 February 2019, 00:49

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I am having the same problem
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I have always had this issue especially when playing songs from “my phone”. It’s worse with the recent update.

I moved my library to NAS and have been streaming from there and so far it’s been very reliable.
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Same here, apart from drops out and desconection or randomly play music in another different speaker.
This update is the worse I ever had, they shouldn’t rush
Same here.
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Hi folks,

Audio interruptions are generally caused by wireless interference or network congestion. We haven't seen any issues relating to the update specifically. Please send in a diagnostic report after you experience a cut out, then reply here with the confirmation number. I'll take a look for you.
Mine does the same : diagnostic - 586552202
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Mine does the same : diagnostic - 586552202

HI there,

It's not immediately clear from your report why your songs are cutting off. It would be best to have our phone team take a look. Please give us a call, you can find our phone number and hours here.
Mine is doing same since last update. Diagnostics 1906609065
Same here. It cuts off with both my iPhone and iPad. This happened a few years ago with a previous Sonos update. It is not our individual devices or WiFi networks, but a larger OS or Sonos issue. Please correct quickly. This bug is pretty much making the whole system worthless right now.
Same here. Diagnostics 164988374
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Hi everyone. Songs cutting out is a fairly generic symptom, however, there is a specific issue that we're looking into where streaming from iOS device's storage (using "On this iPhone/iPad") runs into issues with non-Sonos AirPlay devices. You can change your iOS settings such that your devices do not auto lock, which would prevent this issue. To do so, head into the settings app and go to Display & Brightness, then set auto lock to never. Also, you can try disabling AirPlay on any non-Sonos devices on your network, as this can also prevent the issue from coming up.
Just purchased the Play 1 today and this issue is very noticeable playing an album on my device. Idon't have IOS so am using the Android controller. Attempted to submit adiagnostic report but it failed to send. Is there some sort of crossfade feature used in the software? Still playing with and figuring out the app.
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@bpainter03 Audio cutting out is usually an issue with the players reaching the source of your music. So if you're playing tracks on your Android device, it's something from that device through the network back to the players. (The issue I mentioned above is very specific to iOS devices, it doesn't affect Android). A diagnostic would help the best since otherwise, I can simply throw some suggestions from the dark. To start with, this is a great resource.
In order to troubleshoot this issue we've reluctantly turned off the auto lock to our phones, this in it's self shouldn't be recommended for security reasons! Mind you it's has made absolutely zero difference and the songs are still being cut off at the end and more often than not will cut out throughout the song. We have an Apple Airport which we turned off and completely disconnected, the issue is still there. We've spent a significant amount of money on the 8 devices we have throughout the house and the garage and well, this issue is totally unacceptable. We, like many others buy music from iTunes which we download to our phones, to suggest this is where the potential issue is blows my mind. I work in a project environment and am interested to know where the UAT and BVT testing actually took place?!?! We've tried only using one speaker at a time and we still have the issue! It's been going on for over a month now and am ready to sell the entire system and get something more reliable. We now resort to using our portable bluetooth Bose system because it's far more reliable than Sonos. It's an absolute disgrace and needs to be fixed as a matter or priority, Sonos has been the worst technology investment we've made to date. We also have an issue where the Sonos app on our iPads will always pick up the wifi but the Sonos app on our phones won't (we've had the wifi checked and tested when using the apps on both devices and the issue doesn't fall with the that!!)..... great looking product, fantastic concept but disgraceful software and incompetent testing team!!
This has nothing to do with wireless communication, this is a bug in the app/system. Sonos needs to fix this issue immediately.
I’ve got the same problem with songs getting cut off when I play “songs on this phone” on my iPhone X. Two different houses that have sonos systems, and in both locations WiFi is super strong with additional access points added to the network. Diagnostic number 92271904
I have never had this problem until the latest update--ironically I had just told a friend how I loved my Sonos gear. This cutting off of the end of songs has got to be fixed!
I noticed mine is doing this today too. I'm playing a whole album and about every other song it cuts off early and starts the next song., I don't think this is a "can't get to the source music" as it wouldn't start playing the next song, right? Seems like a bug to me.
Same issue. Very annoying. Using Android (Galaxy S8). Diagnostics submitted 1555778823
I'm also experiencing a problem with tracks cutting out before the end and skipping immediately to the next track. My music library, which is mainly classical, is stored in iTunes and I regularly update my library in Sonos. Most of my music collection has been copied into my iTunes library from CDs. The majority of CDs have been copied across in the .mp3 format, and there seems to be no problem with any tracks in this format. What I have noticed is that tracks that have been copied across in the .mp4 format almost invariably cut out before the end of the track where the total track length exceeds roughly 12:40 minutes[/u]. Depending on the length of the track, tracks cut out at anywhere between 85% and 95% if their total length. Once the CD has been re-loaded into iTunes in .mp3 format and my Sonos library has been updated, tracks always play through to the end. I offer this information in case it makes any sense to others with a better technical understanding of these things. In the event that it's a total red herring, my apologies. All I can say is that it's a fix that has worked, and continues to work, for me.
Agree with everyone. When I leave my Ipad open, it does not happern. When I leave the app open, but shut the screen off, it starts to cut songs. This happend right after the last update.
I turned off my auto lock on my iphone X as recommended and it has solved my problem. No more cutting off songs. Hope there will be a fix for this coming, but for now THANKS! What a miserable issue that was.
My autolock has been tirned off on mu ipad pro for some time. It still occurs. Just tried it again and it only seems to cut out when i close the screen to save on power.
confirmation # - 106624758
Yes me too. I absolutely loathe my Sonos and wish I’d never been sucked in by the marketing. It appears that any way a home would currently be set up with other devices, other people using Wi-fi, walls in homes and using it on a normal phone or laptop ‘creates a fault’.
Looks like you need a dedicated Wi-fi and controller along with no neighbours and a completely open plan space to get it to work. Disgusting