My Sonos keeps cutting off songs before the end on iOS

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Same issue. Cuts off songs and did not used to happen. Really annoying. Please fix. Log: 2025802008
Same issue as the others. Songs are cut-off or skipped when iPhone is locked. I won't disable airplay on my other devices because that works fine. Diagnostic confirmation: 434106487
I am having the same problem. Please help as this is very frustrating. Diagnostic # 596824859
Updating to v9.2 of the sonos app seems to have fixed this for me.
The update was released yesterday.
So far I haven’t had any more skips.
Your confirmation number is: 426927218

Cuts off songs “On my iPhone” with my phone sitting static in the same room as my router.
Also occurring for me-really frustrating! Please fix. Diagnostic # 1075450607
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Mrsmiggins - welcome to the real world, if it was marketing that made you buy then you............. , SONOS is well designed and solid stuff, it works of you set it up properly, faults are created by not designing your audio system correctly. BOSE or Samsung or any other cheap system will not work either if you don't configure it properly.
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Guys ain't that simply consequential to the activation of the seamless song blending option (don't specifically remember the name of the feature)?
I’m having the same issue. I turned off Autolock and it does seem better. Please help me resolve. I love my Sonos but cutting off songs is beyond annoying and the worst when entertaining. #510000962. Thank you
Same issue. Are they going to fix the bug or become extinct? This should not happen with expensive speakers like this. #1802094497.
Have phone and laptop is same room. Sonos equipment is behind wood door approx. 10" away. There only wireless equipment in the area is a router - which is on a wall approx 5' from the nearest sonos amp.

Songs played from IPhone library cut off well before they end. The same library on the laptop works perfectly. This began after the latest update (the one which requires user to preregister their systems)
I’m having the worst problem with it in the past few months. It never ever ever happened in years before and the only thing that’s changed is updates. I’ve started playing Spotify through my JBL speaker and carrying it around the house, letting my Sonos speakers sit and rot because the skipping is just so annoying. I’ll try some of the helpful tips people have suggested I guess.
Same problem for me, since the most recent update it happens on nearly every song played from my iphone. Diagnostic 491490585
Been plagued by this problem for years when using an iPhone and all works ok through Laptop in the same location using the same network etc. I love the idea of Sonos but just wish it worked properly , if they cant get it to work through the iPhone then dont offer it. How many times have we had guests round and ended up using a bluetooth Beats that my son has. I really wish i had never bought this system but after spending best part of a £1000 on it i am loathed to try and keep trying to make it work. All my other wifi enabled devices work ok and i have no network issues , i even have hard wired my Play devices but the issue does tend to only occur when using the iPhone, as everyone else has said Spotify works ok its just Sonos that doesnt. Had it now the best part of five years so probably can justify replacing it with a system that works anyone have any suggestions ?
Hi everyone,
I also had this problem of songs cutting off after the upgrade, and I checked my wi-fi and phone settings as you have. Thanks to all of your comments it seems pretty clear the fault lies with the app. You don't actually need the Sonos app to send music from your phone/ipod to the speaker. You can use the built in app, which in ios is Airplay (there will be something similar in Android). You only need the Sonos app to set up the speaker or adjust settings.
I now use Airplay to play my music and it works flawlessly. It's worth a go as you don't have to buy anything or even download it. It's already there. If I now switch between the two apps I find the Sonos app still cuts the songs off but in Airplay they all play right to the end. Kind of blows the "faulty wi-fi settings" idea out of the water, doesn't it?
If you don't know how to use Airplay just Google it. Got to be worth a shot as it doesn't look like Sonos are going to fix it anytime soon! Worked for me. Hope it works for you.
I have requested that Sonos put a toggle switch in the app somewhere to turn off AirPlay so the Sonos App won’t even try to look for airplay devices. And those of us with older speakers can go back to using the system the way it used to be before they added Airplay functionality.
Me too having the same problem.
Iphone, ipad, mac., everywhere!
Playing tunein radio, though, works fine
My is doing the same thing, cuts out when the screen blacks out. I have had a Play:1 for a while now and it just started this. I played it last week and it was fine. I updated to Sonos 9.2 as recommended today to try to fix the problem. It still did it. Then I changed my setting so my screen would not shut off and it is playing. I do not like the fact that I can not lock my screen down on a timer as I could before. Wastes energy and is less secure as I have kids and do not want them surfing..while I am cleaning etc. Mine is hooked up to a Mac running on the Mojave 10.14 system - desk top. I see this thread has been going on for quite some time. No customers have reported getting satisfaction from SONOS fixing the problem, but only from finding their own Band-Aid fixes..because they are tech savvy enough. What about the rest of the people who are experiencing this continuing problem and don't have the time to write to this forum. Really bad for business. I do not get a Diagnostic # when I went back to my computer to reboot it, and I'm not sure where I would look for it. Again...time I should have to spend. This is so frustrating.
I have spent thousands of dollars on Sonos speakers, subs and boost only to have songs played from my iPhone cut out all the time. What a disgrace sonos, fix this problem. 😠
I have just started to have this exact issue today. Songs cut off randomly and move to the next song.
Source of music is on my Iphone X.
Diagnostic: 357956353
Same problem when streaming playlist on iPhone to Sonos. After a while, the current song is stopped and another song at random distance in the playlist is played, until it is stopped and another one further is partially played. It seems that putting screen security to never helped but not very stable. Given the number of users who have similar issues, an update fixing them would be much needed...
Same problem. Android device. Google play music. Diagnostic 1921805474.
Same here. Bought a week ago and all songs on my Android phone cut off 3/4 of the way through. Sick of it. Sonos keep telling me the diagnostics report is always blank so can't help me (sent around 10 diagnostics). Said contact my internet provider - yeah that old chestnut - fob it off. Would have thought this was a "known" problem now, but clearly their tech guy had never heard of this problem. Yeah right...
I have the same issue, this happens regardless of whether the music is located on my phone or from a streaming service. I know that my wireless network is robust and my internet speed is quite fast. Two of my units are hardwired, all of them have reserved IP addresses. I don't know what more I can do to make this not skip from a network perspective. This needs to be solved as we are having to use portable bluetooth speakers we owned previous to this investment to play without skipping. Wifi is proving to not be better... Fix this please Sonos.
Yep, worth mentioning i have this problem with fibre broadband and speaker, phone and hub all in same room with no other wifi connected products. Also same problem when speaker is connected by cable to router. I suppose i still have a week or 2 to take my purchase back if not resolved soon.