My Sonos keeps cutting off songs before the end on iOS

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Help me to , my diagnosis report no is 353428075 help please, I’ve tried bridge set up and wireless
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Hi folks,

If you're having trouble streaming from iOS devices, please see my post here about the fixes included in version 9.1, released today.
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Me also. It seems more prevalent when playing files from a share on my PC, eg every 10th track. diagnostic=732621039.
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Me also. It seems more prevalent when playing files from a share on my PC, eg every 10th track. diagnostic=732621039.

Thanks for sending in the report. I see that your Sonos components are having a hard time communicating wirelessly. This is likely due to wireless interference. Try changing the wireless channel you Sonos system is using. This can reduce interference from nearby signals.

It may also help to check and make sure your Boost is not too close to any third party wireless electronics such as your router.
Same here, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8, playing music from my device cuts off the end of every song, everytime. Happens from any mobile device playing from device music. Sonos devices have the latest updates and it is not a networking issue. Please fix this issue.
I’m having the same issue. iPhone X and iPads. If I play music off of my device storage, it works for a song or two, and then cuts out. Very frustrating especially for the price tag. When I use streaming services like Pandora or Spotify, I have zero issues. This has been happening for almost a year to the point where I only use Spotify or Pandora when interfacing with Sonos.
I have the same issue playing from I-phone 5 & I phone 6 as well as I-Pad. Turned the screen lock to never and it seems to have sorted the issue but bearing in mind this has essentially disabled a key security feature for my phone it doesn't feel like a long term fix! Any sign of this fault/bug being fixed or do I need to find a more reliable sound system?
Just got my brand new Sonos 2 days ago. And it's does exactly the same thing with my Galaxy S8. It's very frustrating I paid a lot of money but it's still under evaluation and I can return the system. I don't want to. I like the sound but it's kind of sad that the entire weak link of this system is a really crappy app. And it is the app not the system. Crazy idea why don't you fix the app and then send out an update.
Having the same issue on my Note 8 if I play an album or playlist "On this mobile device". Works perfectly if I play the same album or playlist through Google Play Music.
My music library on my phone is on the SD card, not in main device memory. Don't know if this is affecting things.
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Hi everyone,

There are many different factors which could lead to an audio interruption. Please see this guide for some great troubleshooting tips that cover most of the common causes of this type of error. If the steps in the guide do not help, submit a diagnostic report after it happens, then reply here with the confirmation number.
Come on Sonos! How many hundreds of people have to complain before you say, “sorry, we’ll fix this ASAP”? I’ve been a fan for three years but you are close to losing me and many others for good! Get your business right.
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Great, a Sonos tech tells you (above your post) what to check and how to get more assistance if the basics don't work for you and we get:

Come on Sonos! How many hundreds of people have to complain before you say, “sorry, we’ll fix this ASAP”? I’ve been a fan for three years but you are close to losing me and many others for good! Get your business right.

Sure I'd love fixes faster and new "features" less often but Sonos is doing a decent job of supporting most folks than make a matching effort. They even started 24x7 support in response to the folks complaining about limited phone hours.
The whole point Stanley_4 is there are hundreds of people with this problem...mine is doing it right now. The techs keep repeating it is a connectivity issue...really? All these people with all of these different setups? The reality is it is a SONOS problem...not mentioned anywhere by a tech. The whole premise of SONOS is the plug and play aspect. I have spent absolute days over the last 3 years and all the techs offer is trying to get my system to work with every fault imaginable under the sun. I didn't buy my SONOS to spend hours trying to get it to play or cut of every song. I have bought new computers to tory and solve the problems. Absolute, time wasting, expensive trash.
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No problem, I hope you find a solution.

I worked with Sonos to get my system working well and it has continued to perform well even in the face of many new neighbors adding WiFi stuff which is why I suggested working with them to see what is going on in your location. In my case who would have thought one of my problems was an electrically noisy device, one that didn't even have a radio.
Getting the same problem. Songs cutting out 2/3rd way through. Driving me mad!! Diagnostic 443696372
Having same problem since update - I’ve used Sonos for 6 years and never had this issue. Purchased iTunes songs cut off anout 2/3 through but streaming services do not, so now I have an expensive wifi speaker that only plays Pandora. Husband won’t use it anymore at all. I tried switching autolock to “never” on my iphone and it made no difference. Was considering expanding my system with more speakers but will not be doing that anymore. Come on Sonos, it is insulting to your customers to deny the issue is with the app.
I had the same problem with music from my iPhone. This was solved by turning off Bluetooth connection to my Amazon echo
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HI folks,

We released an update to address a specific issue with playback from the storage on iOS devices. Some folks are still reporting problems playing locally stored tracks if they have non-Sonos AirPlay devices active on their networks, and they have auto-lock enabled on their iOS devices. You can disable AirPlay or auto-lock to get things working again, or give us a call and we'll take a deeper look. You can find our phone number and hours here.
Mine is doing this and it’s driving me mad!
I didn’t see an update in the App Store. I just checked through the app and it says it’s up to date, but I’m still having problems. Trying to listen to my podcasts is maddening because it keeps cutting out and moving on to the next one.
I am having the same issue. Diagnostic Confirmation #: 435433677
I am also having the same problem, when I play from my iPhone. It is so ANNOYING! I don’t understand how so many ppl can have the same problem and Sonos not actually FIX THE PROBLEM! Please fix it, now. Not after many more ppl have to have to continue to complain about the same problem.
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Same issue for me. Was perfect for years and then it broke a few months ago.

Your confirmation number is: 733361185.
Same issue as everyone described here... confirmation number is 475025642