My Sonos Bridge is not recognizing the new Wifi network. Got a new cable modem from Xfinity (Comcast)

  • 21 July 2014
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Got the latest, fastest Xfinity Cable Modem (Arris TC862) and got a new Wifi network setup through the same Apple Airport Extreme Wireless Router (802.11n) we had with the old cable modem. Sonos Bridge is connected directly to Apple Airport Extreme Wireless Router same as before. Have tried setting up firewall per Sonos Help instructions but Bridge is still not being recognized by controller

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3 replies

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Hello Jag,

When swapping network hardware, it is recommend that you reboot ALL of your Sonos devices by unplugging them from power and then plugging them back in, so that they connect to your new network settings.

If you are having troubles connecting from a wireless device, try plugging a computer directly into the Airport Extreme that Sonos is plugged into and attempt the connection again.

Since you have two routers, there may be a subnet conflict. Your wireless devices may be connecting the Arris and not your Airport. If you are able to connect, I'd recommend taking a look at the Sonos settings and their IP address. 

Please also submit a diagnostic after these tests and after you experience an issue. I'll be happy to take a look. Please reply back with your number here. 
I just got a new xfinity modem and cannot get my sonos up. I’ve rebooted so many times it’s clearly not working. I’m not a computer guy, but something is very wrong with sonos for so many people to struggle with this. I can no longer use my system and I bought 4 separate speakers. Please please help. But make it easy because this has taken up too many of my days.
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You are looking and responding to a four year old topic...

Switching is so simple, all you do is move your Ethernet cable that is connected to your Bridge to the new router and reboot all the Sonos devices, wired and closest first, so all get fresh IP addresses.

Just in case you responded to a Bridge topic and don't have one this may help, it covers Standard and Boost modes: