My Sonos App won't work

  • 25 December 2017
  • 8 replies

I recently purchased a Sonos 1 player. After updating my app on both the IOS & Android platform, the app stopped working. The one problem with the Sonos player is there is no other connectivity i.e (Bluetooth)! Any ideas on how to get the app working, so I can use my speaker (no Ethernet cable suggestions please), my hub is not located in my room.

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8 replies

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Hi there, Amii5000. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. What exactly do you see on the screen when the app stopped working? Can you tell me a little more about the local network you are running Sonos on? What type of router are you working with? Thanks!
Hi there , Keith N. Thanks for replying to my post.. On Saturday I wanted to play music on my Sonos player, & suddenly it won't work. It was saying 'We can't connect to Sonos, a: Turn your wi-fi off & on, b: unplug your router, then plug it back in etc. I did all this, no luck. I even uninstalled/re-installed the app on both my IOS/ Android platforms. At one point it did not recognise my BT router. Unfortunately there is no Bluetooth connectivity. What do you suggest? Please help. Thanks
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Understood. Normally this happens when the speaker loses connectivity to the wireless network. As a test, please connect your player to the router via Ethernet cable. This is not a solution but rather a way to determine if the player is still working. If the player comes back and works as normal, we may need to take a look at any sources of interference in your room.

Thanks in advance.
Hi there, I did connect the player to the Ethernet cable. The only problem is that my router is in the living room, but use my Sonos speaker in another part of the house. In my case, the app does not recognise my Sonos player. Don't you not think that there are weaknesses in the Sonos player; no USB, Bluetooth etc. Please help? Any suggestions. Thank you
Same problem here. The speaker works perfectly with WiFi after setup from my WIndows computer, but the iOS (iPhone 7) app does not find the speaker and I get the same messages as Amii5000 three messages up from this one. @Amii5000 did you ever get this resolved?

Edit: The phone app works perfectly when the speaker is connected via Ethernet to my router. So does this mean it's not using my WiFi network at all, i.e. do I need to keep it hardwired forever? Thanks.
Hey there. Having the same problem. Has anyone got a soultion yet?
Make sure your phone is connecting to the router's 2.4GHz band, not the 5GHz.
It does happen with me a lot. I am finding this very irritating.