my entire system stopped working. Why? now the app can't find Bridge or speakers.

  • 15 September 2020
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my entire system has failed. Was working fine last night and now cannot find bridge or Play 1 or 3 speakers or recent new Sonos Plays...I need support, not so crappy community forum posting. I am in a doom loop of reset apps and still not finding systems.

10 replies


Welcome to the club!

I have had 18 months of this nonsense. The upshot is that Sonos technical support have now informed me That they expect a “ pristine environment” for the system to work as advertised, I live in the suburbs with a handful of neighbours who have the audacity to use other wireless devices and therefore Sonos is and will be unable to work. 
don’t tell you that in the sales literature....


Don’t worry though John B will come riding over the hill like the seventh cavalry any minute!

actually he’ll probably take offence at you referring to the ‘community’ as crappy, he’s ever so protective, not sure why 

First, please stop resetting the app. As you’ve already found out, it doesn’t help things. And definitely don’t factory reset the speakers, either, that has an extraordinarily low chance of helping, albeit not zero.

The first step is to refresh your local network. Unplug all Sonos devices you have from power. Then reboot your router. Once the router comes back up, plug back in your Sonos devices. Give them a couple of minutes to recover, and check to see if they show up.

If they don’t, try wiring one of the Sonos devices to your router directly with an Ethernet cable, and again, wait a couple of minutes, and then check the controller to see if they show up. Since a few Sonos BRIDGEs have failed, perhaps with power supply issues, I would recommend wiring any other Sonos device, and leave the BRIDGE temporarily unplugged.

If this works, and I suspect it will, then you’ll need to determine whether it is better to replace the power supply for your BRIDGE, replace the BRIDGE with a much newer and S2 capable BOOST, or just leave one of your other Sonos devices connected directly to your router, and allow that device to double as a BRIDGE/BOOST.


Hi guys!

funny this advice is contrary to what the senior tech guys at Sonos have told me, apparently the boosts aren’t a “silver bullet” and are “unlikely to improve the situation”

this is despite Sonos’s advertising saying the  boosts allow me to have a speaker in the basement and another on the loft. 
what do you real world guys feel about this?

There is no ‘silver bullet’ that fixes all situations. Every issue can have different potential answers. 

The OP seems to be experiencing a failure of the BRIDGE. If it was working fine before that failure, then replacing the BRIDGE with the more robust and newer tech of a BOOST, or wiring another device directly to the router, so it functions in the same manner makes sense.

If the OP’s post suggested wifi interference, there might have been a different response indicated. Or,  in cases of a potential duplicate IP address issues, which often rears its head around times of software updates, there is another potential solution to that. 

When you’re talking about a local radio network (wifi or SonosNet), there are enough complexities to make any single response not terribly helpful. That’s why you’ll see frequent posters in the community provide varied answers, and sometimes just more questions, since sometimes there just isn’t enough information given in the original post to make even an educated guess. And we in the community are also hampered by the fact that we do not have ability to look at system diagnostics, so we have to base our answers on what experiences we’ve had, and what we know in general about not just Sonos, but networking in general. You would not see the level of complexity in an old style amplifier with wired speakers, but Sonos isn’t all that ‘simple, with both software running on each speaker, but also the remote control/client running on your Computer/mobile device, but then the whole networking aspect. Sonos has done a pretty good job of making it ‘just work’ in the grand majority of cases, but there are always corner cases where there are challenges. The community members respond with their own varying levels of knowledge and comfort. People like me answer some of the easier issues, but then when it gets beyond my skill/understanding, I defer to more knowledgeable folks to jump in, or pass it on to Sonos folks.

But at the end of the day, the whole Sonos environment can be complex, and there just isn’t any ‘silver bullet’ to fix all issues. 

And I didn’t even mention the extra complexity of the Sonos, with all speakers communicating with each other all the time, something normal network devices don’t do!

I agree with @Airgetlam . First guess would be Bridge failure. This would take out your whole system because everything else connects through the wired device. 

To check this hypothesis take the Ethernet cable out of the Bridge and put it in one of your speakers  Power off the Bridge.

You need to give it a few minutes to reconfigure and may need to power cycle the speakers.  Please post back either way.

@P1553d off . Your conments regarding me noted, laughed at and, as always, water off a duck's back to me.


 Btw, I hope you haven't reset the speakers as well as the apps. If you have then we are in a different place. 

Sorry - I now see @Airgetlam has already covered that.

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Most probably a Bridge hardware failure, based on the fact that those things are EOL now and prone to PSU failure. Also a Bridge failure would result in every other device vanishing (assuming they are all using SonosNet). Easy to verify: remote the Brdige and hard-wire one of the devices to the router.

As is said often, resetting the app or the speakers is a bad idea.