My Boost signal has started dropping having worked perfectly for 10 weeks

  • 7 November 2016
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Hi I have searched all the help and some of the community topics that weren't too teccy for me.

I have a Boost, a Play 3 and a Connect. All were working fine until this morning and now I can't listen to even one minute music without signal cutting out. I have tested internet and it is the same as usual. Not brilliant, which is why I have the boost, but I can get a connection in every room in my house on my mobile phone.

I have tried changing the Sonos net channel, I have also unplugged all the products and then tried to do a new setup - although it seemed to recognise the Boost. I still have the problem. Can anyone suggest what I might try next?

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2 replies

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Submit diagnostics and post the code here. Someone will have a look really soon.
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HI SBSurfer, thanks for yur reply. I followed some instructions from Ratty on a previous question and that seemed to do the trick. Strange it was working fine then stopped, but at least I know what to do if it happens again