Music stops when phone is sleeping

I got a Sonos One when I purchased a Huawei P30 Pro.
I was really looking forward to trying the speaker out, but wow, what a disappointment!
When I turn my phone off the music stops not long after, music is played from downloaded songs on my phone storage.
Sometimes even when the phone is left on, music stops
How can this be fixed?

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Hi. From which streaming service is the downloaded content?
Hi John,
The music I am playing is stored on my phone, I'm not using a streaming platform at the moment
So this music is purchased, owned outright music? Are you using Airplay or are you playing 'From this iPhone / mobile device? When you say 'turn off' do you mean turning off completely, i.e. power off'? (although I guess not from thread title)
Yes, stored on my internal hard drive on my Huawei mobile, I'm playing directly from the phone, turning off I just mean powering off the screen, but phone is still on
OK. There are current issues with Sonos and iPhones, but not relevant here. All my Android phones have played quite happily from the phone storage with screen off. I suspect this is something to do with a setting on your phone, although can't be more specific than that. Might be worth having a root around the Settings

Generally speaking, playing content stored on a mobile device is a bit less robust than alternatives such as a network drive or streaming, but that may not be relevant here.

If no better solution is suggested on here, try submitting a system diagnostic after reproducing the problem. It's in Advanced Settings in the app. Post the confirmation number back here.
Ok. Thanks John, I will have a look at my settings, your assistance is much appreciated!
Hi Sar,

same issue here while playing music stored on the Huawei P30 pro. In the beginning it stopped playing every song after 1-2 minutes, which made me want to throw it away after 15min. After some googling I managed to get some better results by changing the battery setting : Settings, Battery, App Launch, Sonos > uncheck auto managing, then make sure Run In Background is checked.

This did solve the issue somewhat, though after 20-30min of the phone being idle it still stops playing. What's even more annoying, is that on unlocking the phone and returning in the Sonos app, it doesn't remember which song it was playing last and restarts at the beginning of the playlist.

Bonus points for he who can tell me how to play a folder rather than per Artist, Genre, Album!!!
Hi ShakaZ,
it is highly annoying isn't it! I also wanted to throw it away
Thank you for sharing the battery settings info, I will do the same
I haven't tried playing from a playlist, I normally just shuffle songs, but I can understand your frustration completely!
As I said in an earlier post, playing music stored on a mobile device is inherently less robust than other sources. It sounds like there are particular issues with the Huawei.

My sdvice would be to put ypur music on a bssic NAS drive, set up your Sonos music library and just use your phone as a controller.

That is reallly how Sonos was originally designed to be used. The Music Library includes a Folders option.
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I think often issues arise from treating Sonos as a bluetooth speaker. Sonos was originally designed to work a different way, in that it should really be fetching the music from a source rather than being sent the music from a source. I believe that the best way to think about the system is that your phone is a remote control for the Sonos system. Ideally you need a reliable source for the music you want to play, so whilst a phone can be a source, it should not be considered reliable. So I have a NAS with plex running, a google play music library, an amazon prime account, plus soundcloud and tunein etc all set up as accounts/sources on Sonos. Therefore if I am not and home, all music is still available to my wife and kids as we do not use our phones as the music source.

I hope that helps a little.
@Legnum Nick. I agree 100%. Playing from the device is, in a way, like 'Wifi only' mode. Both are features that Sonos introduced many years after launch, and which increase flexibility, and are marketing-driven. But both make Sonos a bit less robust, and are inconsistent with how Sonos was originally conceived.
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To be honest, it took a few months for me to wrap my head around it, but once I figured that out our whole family enjoys Sonos far more.