Music stops when i leave the house

  • 20 December 2017
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Hi, long time sonos owner (santa is also bringing a playbase 🙂 ) but i have recently moved house and i am now getting strange behavior. here goes - when im playing music to my 2x play:one and play:five and i leave the house the music stops (most of the time). this happens regardless of whether i am using radio or spotify. I dont think i had this issue in my old place. The only thing i can think of is that when i connect my mobile to my bluetooth in my car it somehow stops sonos (still just within the wifi range of my house). This even happens if i start the playback from my pc and leave it in the house. Is this something the sonos app would do? such a weird scenario. ill need to do some more testing.

i dont think its network related as everything else is working fine and i am using the system in sonosnet mode.

so, anyone seen this before or can point me in the right direction?


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4 replies

Hi. The app is just a controller and doesn't use bluetooth. You could smash your phone to pieces and flush it down the toilet and the music wouldn't stop on Sonos.

It is common for internet radio streams to be limited in time to prevent wasted bandwidth. Maybe Spotify do the same or using Spotify in the car stops the stream on Sonos as multiple device streams may not be allowed. Not sure about that though.
thanks for getting back to me. i appreciate that it doesnt use bluetooth. but there is definatley something weird going on. i was in all day yesterday and sonos played away all day no problem at all untill i went out at tee time for 15min. came home and sonos had stopped. very bizzare.
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What's the source of the music that you're using?

Most streaming services have a limit to the number of concurrent streams they have running at once.

Alternatively, you might have something weird happening when your phone connects to the car's bluetooth.
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I have the same problem, but it is reversed, where the Sonos comes on inexplicably in the house when I go and start up my car and bluetooth radio in the morning, waking up everybody in the house. Other threads exist about this problem. Apparently, notwithstanding that it is bluetooth, it sends out a "start" command over wifi, and viola! sonos starts up. Maybe in your case it is also sending out a "stop" command. Apparently there is no fix in settings or anything, you have to make sure wifi is turned off and then this scenario cannot happen.