Music stops playing through different Sonos speakers.

  • 7 October 2021
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We have 8 Sonos speakers on our home system, plus a boost. Randomly, the music will stop playing through different speakers at different times, but continue through others.  Then it will randomly come back to all of them.  This happens fairly ofter. It does seem that it happens most often to the speaker that is closest to our router and boost. Tried most of the fixes I’ve read here, but feeling like the solution is over my head. Diagnostics # is 1367912203.  Just submitted it while it was happening.


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What model router are you using? Is the Boost wired to your router? Does running the Boost wirelessly at a different location or disconnecting the Boost altogether make any difference?

You might also try the fixes mentioned in this article:

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Hi @srigsby 

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First, your wired Office speaker is reporting a faulty ethernet cable and it’s WiFi is disabled. Please replace the cable and re-enable WiFi (just because it uses ethernet, that doesn’t mean that you should disable the radio on the unit).

The speaker in charge of the group, Dining Room is reporting failed transmissions to and from the Boost, which makes it a bad choice of group coordinator. I recommend you try to reduce the interference near this unit, and try other rooms to be in charge of the group (selected first). Office should be a good choice once you turn it’s radio back on and fix it’s cable.

If these steps don’t help, please submit a diagnostic and reply here with the number given. Thanks.