Music skipping when playing from iPhone

  • 11 August 2018
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Hi, I know there are loads of threads about this, but wasn't sure whether to piggy back one of them or start a new thread. Sorry if this is bad etiquette.

Brief summary:
Since I bought some new Sonos speakers recently I am suffering with music skipping whilst playing from iPhone. This never happened previously and is now constant.

Old setup:
I used to have a Connect linked to my router, with two Play 5s in other rooms and a Play 1 in another room. This worked fine. I never had an issue. Not a single skip. I used the same iPhone X I'm using now and the same router.

New setup:
I have got rid of the Connect and now have a Playbar and Sub. The router connects directly to the Sub. Everything else remains the same. The Playbar is at least 4 feet from the router, the sub is about 8 feet away from the router.

I'm fed up enough of spending thousands on equipment then losing the lock screen controls, but the skipping is just horrendous and quite frankly embarrassing. I don't have any issues when using Spotify.

I have read that Sonos position is that mobile phones don't have the strength to stream the music, but I'm not having this because it worked perfectly on my old setup for years and for over 10 months with the very same phone and router. Also this is a terrible angle for Sonos to take given it is the whole model upon which the system is based.

Other info:
Router channel - 2.4ghz = channel 1 and 5ghz = channel 48
Sonos channel = 11

Diagnostics reference number is 61441487

Any help, ideas or guidance greatly appreciated.

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35 replies

'The router connects directly to the Sub' may be your problem. This is sub-optimal (ha ha). It is best not to use bonded sub or speakers as the wired device. Wire something else instead and see if it improves.
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Thank you (for the pun and the quick reply!). I don't have any other devices in the same room other than the Playbar (or is this "bonded"?) - I will try going router to Playbar and see if that makes a difference (although its a nightmare as there's no room to hide an additional wire in there!) I can at least try as a temporary measure.

I'm starting to regret selling my Connect, I'm guessing I could have used that as an unconnected device to create a mesh?
Well, connected to the router, but otherwise unconnected, yes you could have used the Connect that way. Try a Play:1 as wired device. If it works you could always get a Boost, or buy a Bridge off eBay.
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Good call, I'll move the Play 1 and try that for a bit to see what happens. Will let you know. Thanks again.
There have also been reports of bad behaviour playing from phones when they go to sleep, but in particular circumstances (I think related to Airplay 2, but haven't followed closely). See how wiring something else works first.
Since new upgrade to Sonos app music from iPhone skips. I live in a smalll village and there is no change to WiFi channels in my house or the 3 neighbors whose WiFi I see so this is not the issue. On Apple AirPlay I get no skipping it only happens on the Sonos app. Can’t understand why my WiFi drops out when I use the app but not when I use airplay. Maybe it’s the app and not my WiFi which is what loads of people try to tell Sonos but Sonos just keep saying it’s a WiFi thing
@Skippyskip. Sonos have not said it is a wifi thing (although often it is). See Ryan S's post on this thread

This may or may not be the cause in your case.
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Hi John B, I moved the Play 1 and connected to the Router. Played first song fine, but second and third both skipped half way through. I've done another diagnostics 6179157 in case it is of use. All of this happened with the software update that lost the lock screen controls. We had the Playbar and Sub working fine (for only a couple of weeks) before that update.

I have an Apple TV, its generally switched off and I only use it occasionally to stream football from iPad to the TV. Is there ANY reason that the AirPlay on that could be having an impact here? Like I say, the Apple TV hasn't been switched on in the last 8 weeks.

Thoughts welcome from anyone!
You mentioned losing lock screen controls. I thought that was related to having non Sonos Airplay devices? Don't see how Apple TV could be it if it is fully powered off but I am not really an Apple man. Is it on standby? Is there anything else Airplay compatible?
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It was just that same software update where EVERYTHING went wrong. We lost the lock screen controls AND the skipping started occurring. This is why I'm convinced its a Sonos software issue rather than anything else. Well, I've disabled Airplay on both my Apple TV and my Sky Q box and I have lock screen controls back. I'm just putting some music on to see if this has any impact on skipping of tracks too........
I shall be interested to hear. It seems quite possible that the Airplay is the common cause
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Well John B. I deactivated the Airplay on my Apple TV and Sky Q box and my Sonos is working "perfectly". I mean, obviously it isn't perfect when you have to lose functionality on two entirely unrelated devices to enable a functionality on Sonos which I can't even use as none of my speakers are Airplay compatible. I guess its a bonus I get no skipping and I get lock screen controls back - but unbelievable I can't use my Apple TV properly now.

It was from the link you sent to SkippySkip that I picked up that being a potential issue, so thank you very much for your help. Very much appreciated!

So, over to you now Sonos? Please tell me what you are going to do to fix this going forward? The answer clearly has to be an ability to disable all Airplay functionality in the Sonos app rather than disabling it on devices you actually use Airplay on. This is a really, REALLY big error on your part - as is the way you have communicated around it and managed the roll out.
Glad we have got some sort of resolution. The lock screen matter was highlighted in release notes and announcements. Presumably the skipping was an unexpected, related issue.
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Well, having listened to over 30 songs on the playlist with no skipping, I just put it on again and it skipped 5 times in a row. Problem not solved, Sonos just teasing me!

Updated diagnostics if Sonos want to (PLEASE!!!) look into this 895036226
Shame. Btw, although it isn't the cause here, it still isn't good to have the Sub as wired device..

I hope you sort this.
I am having the same issue. I don't want to have to leave my screen on and drain my battery just for Sonos. Please fix this ASAP.
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I'm keeping the Play 1 down by the Router until I get this sorted out.

Interestingly, I realised that when the tracks were skipping earlier, I had also lost the lock screen controls. I restarted my phone and now lock screen controls are back and songs aren't skipping. But what's quite clear is that the two are directly linked.

Thanks again for you input.
diagnostic 1172105908. have turned off airplay on sky Q boxes. it's better but still skips
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I have the same problem sonos is aware of it supposed to wait for the next update WHEN.................??????????
This is happening now on my phone as well, iPhone X.

What is the status on this?
I’m sorry to say there isn’t a fix, I’ve tried everything, I’ve become obsessed with it. Nothing works! I’ve spoken with Sonos team and even they suggested I get a NAS Drive (but obviously won’t pay for it). My problem is definitely only music stored on iPhone - anything via the web is ok. Sonos are blaming Apple but I’m not so sure, I’ve had Sonos from the beginning and never had one issue, all seamless. Then over the summer it just went nuts, no iPhone update but there was a Sonos update. But I guess it’s easier for them to blame apple, but I see no evidence.

I’m so close to selling up and moving to Bose. I just want it to work, I’ve even considered selling my vast music collection and signing up to Spotify but then I get angry.

Sonos are letting me down.
PS.... I don’t think Sonos no what the issue is, I switched off all airplay devices inc Sky Q. It’s all a red herring from Sonos to appear they are helping you.
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Hi everyone, if you're still having trouble I'd suggest that you give us a call on our support line. Audio cutting out is generally considered a symptom of an issue, but the cause could be pretty widely varied. There was an issue with iOS devices that when playing off of the local library on that iOS device in the "On this iPhone" in the Sonos app, the audio would cut out or stop when the phone went to sleep. There was an update to address this which made a lot of improvements, but if you were having the issue caused by other things as well, it could have continued to affect you.

The team would love to look into this with you to investigate the issue. And yes, as the team suggested to @ChillyP28, sometimes the best way to go is to get the library off of your mobile device. It saves battery life, doesn't rely on the device to be present, and has more functionality too. But there are lots of troubleshooting steps that can be taken as well to improve the network and optimize things. Also, in the case that there might be something else that wasn't addressed with the update I mentioned above, we'll need to investigate cases where the issue isn't fixed to identify what's wrong.
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I have the same problem I thought the iOS 12 would have solved the problem but it has not it’s a bunch of BS. I am now streaming through Apple Music. That the only way to get about. Or change the phone to a android
Ryan S I disagree with yr comments about getting yr music off yr phone. Battery life is fine and it’s very conveniant on yr phone. NAS Drives aren’t cheap.
Yr response just proves the point that Sonos don’t really undersstand how to fix this issue. Like I said years of faultless performance and now it’s unsualble. 2 grand worth of kit I now use to play the radio. Not good and poor support.