Music Skipping

  • 11 May 2014
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Hi, When I play music scanned as Apple pure there is skipping and some don,'t play at all. Sometimes there are issues with speakers disappearing and reappearing on the network. Is my bridge faulty? Regards, Ed Davies.

1 reply

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Hello Edward,

The Sonos system is able to support up to 16 bit and does not support 'high resolution' audio formats. You can see a list of support formats here. I would recommend verifying the audio resolution of your files to ensure that they are playable on the Sonos system.

There is also an open feature request for support for "High Resolution Audio Support" listed here if you would like to add your vote and monitor any changes that may occur regarding this request. 

In regards to the issue where Sonos speakers appear and disappear- this may be due to a connection issue to the system as a whole. As a quick troubleshoot, please try swapping out the ethernet cable (for a new cable) that goes from your router and the BRIDGE or the hardwired Sonos device. If you verify that your audio files are a supported format, please also try streaming them again after this change to see if the new cable also improves this as well.

Please also submit a diagnostic after you experience an issue and I'll be happy to take a look. Please reply back with your number here.