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  • 28 November 2016
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Does or will SONOS have an ability to include lyrics to its services much like Apple Music has now?

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3 replies

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Who knows?

It has been mentioned before so Sonos will be aware that one or two users have asked for it.

Personally it's not something I've ever even remotely worried about. If I want to know the lyrics I use my ears.
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While a couple of the services available through Sonos include the ability to retrieve lyrics for many songs, I can't see Sonos updating their app to provide this function since most services don't have the capability. It's even less likely as Sonos seems to be moving towards allowing the music services to integrate with Sonos using their own apps (as is possible with Spotify in the latest Sonos beta, and has been possible with Google Play Music on Android devices). So in the future you might be able to use the Amazon Music app to play music on your Sonos AND get the lyrics to the song (assuming Amazon updates their mobile app to take advantage of the Sonos feature).
Thanks for the quick replies. Great product by the way.