Music Randomly Starts Playing on One Device from my Synology

  • 22 April 2022
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I have a backyard Sonos SL and a Garage Sonos one.  I use the Sonos app to play music from my synology NAS in my garage regularly.  I do not use DS Audio at all.  Yet somehow somewhat regularly, but always when I’m not home, my backyard Sonos starts randomly playing music from my Synology NAS.  It never happens on my Garage Sonos where I actually stream that music to. 

Support is no use as I’m not home at the time so can’t send a diagnostic report of any use to them.  I saw another post about DS Audio being the problem but since I don’t even have it on my phone or iPad that can’t be it.  Anyone else see this behavior and have any ideas?


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6 replies

Is it possible that a neighbor has access to your wifi signal, and is connecting a controller to cause the playback to start on that speaker? Might be worth, at the very least, changing the password on your Wifi….which will cause you to have to change access rights on probably several devices. But anyone who has either Spotify Connect and has been connected to your wifi at one point (and the speaker hasn’t been “overwritten” with another stream from somewhere other than Spotify) or has current access to your wifi signal, and has a Sonos controller that they have somehow connected, will be able to cause playback. Might also be worth checking for alarms, both in Sonos and in home automation software, which could be kicking off this playback. 

In over 10 years, I’ve never seen a case in which Sonos just randomly starts playing a stream, there’s always been an outside reason that’s causing the playback. 

My Synology has a utility called Audio Station from which I could (but don't) play to my Sonos. It doesn't require anything to be installed on a mobile device. Have you ever used that? Many years ago I tried it and it seemed to be a bit random.

Do you play your NAS music using the Sonos Music Library?

My only other suggestion would be to power off the speaker when you go out!

Life was so much easier when the only way you could start playback on a Sonos device was with Sonos software…..made it easier to blame someone when things went awry :)

It actually happened again right before I got home and was still playing when I got home so I called support again.  They also suggested someone else was on my wifi and had intentionally started it.  It just happened to be playing the same exact mp3 from my music library that was last played by me on the sonos in my garage.  I also have a strong password, have never let any neighbors on my wifi and have notifications setup to tell me anytime someone connects to my wifi and have not received any such notifications.  I also went through every device on my wifi and accounted for it so not going to change my password on 30+ devices on a hunch.  Is there some way for me to see logs so I can see what IP started the music?  Would think support would have been able to tell me that but she just went straight to someone else must be on your wifi and wouldn’t consider any other possibilities.


I did find Audio Station installed on my Synology so I removed it.  We’ll see if that helps at all.



If you haven't used Audio Station I doubt it's to blame in your case, but certainly right to remove it and see.

Please would you confirm that you have created a Sonos Music Library and that that is how you are playing the music on your NAS?

Yes, I created a Sonos Music Library.  Problem is resolved.  I rebooted the Sonos which tells me it was the Sonos starting the playing despite support saying that’s impossible.