Music/radio plays for few seconds, stops then starts again continuously

  • 30 January 2017
  • 2 replies

The last few weeks I have been experiencing problems with some of my SONOS devices whereby the music/radio will play for a few second, then drops for a few seconds then starts again but it will do this continuously. It happens sometimes on my Play: 1,3 and 5 all of which are connected in Boost set up to a Sonos bridge. It is not distance as the Play:5 is only a few metres from the bridge, also checked the wireless channels and Sonos is on channel 11 and my wifi uses channel 1. Haven't experienced it with my Soundbar but that is mainly used for TV audio. Any help rto resolve would be appreciated.

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2 replies

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Sounds like an IP conflict to me. Go into your router. For each sonos device give them a reserved IP address. I like to chose an address at the top of allowable range on router up where router will never try to assign. Once you have given them all new reserved IP addresses. Turn them all off. Reboot router. Turn all Sonos units back on starting with the boost (let boost boot up about 1 minute before turning on the rest). That should resolve the issue and help it not happen again in the future. Routers get confused sometimes.
Thanks Chris. I have manually allocated an IP address to all Sonos items and will monitor over the next few days now to see if any further probelms.